Hats Off! It’s Graduation

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Last night was a milestone for me. It was a celebration of the four years I’ve spent in high school, which is now over for me. I’ll never be back in theater class, I’ll never build another robot in engineering school, and I’ll most certainly not have to endure any more school lunches! And that makes me happy. It truly does. Of course, I’m going to miss all of those things, but I look forward to what happens now.

I’m glad I had such great “graduation partners!” The two guys I sat in between were just amazing to me. I had on the tallest heels I’ve ever owned, so the guys let me lean on them when we were lined up outside. Hey, we were standing for over an hour! My feet were killing me. I was glad they were there to support me, literally.

Of course, we took at least five million pictures. But I wanted to; I realize that last night was the last time I was going to see several of my classmates. And it really surprised me to see several people walking across the stage that I didn’t even know. I know you can’t possibly know everybody in your graduating class when there are around 350 of them, but still, I wanted to.

After graduation was over, my family and friends went out to eat, and then I headed home to change out of my graduation dress. My (well, he wasn’t at the time!) boyfriend followed me home so I wouldn’t have to drive myself home so late. We went out to his friend’s house, and I had the best time. We sat barefoot on the hardwood floor, playing guitar, singing…and watching our friend get a tattoo! See, his brother is a tattoo artist, and he just got a job working at the place where I got my own tattoo. So it’s like, one o’clock in the morning, and he gave his own brother a tattoo. It was awesome!

Back to the “boyfriend” part. Sometime around midnight, the guy I mentioned in the prom article a little while ago asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes! It’s crazy how things work out. This morning, I got up and saw a relationship request on Facebook, which made me laugh, because he had to figure out how that even works; I know he probably clicked around for ten minutes. But it was cute.

Graduation is a night that will live on as a memory forever. You’ll never forget it, and that’s a good thing. You need to remember the night that you opened the door to the real world. I hope your graduation was just as fantastic, or that it will be one day.


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