Zig and Zag: Missoni-Like Prints

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The fashion world is still having a love affair with the 70’s.  There are clothing styles, shoes and accessories that when you see or wear them you are transported back in time or visualize one of the many 70’s fashion icons.  One instantly recognizable fashion element from the 70’s is Missoni knits and their signature zig zag print.  A garment or accessory with this iconic print would be a perfect way to work the 70’s trend this season. In case you nearly got trampled and didn’t get what you had your eye on at the Missoni for Target opening you can still find some cool copycat fashions from other sources.  Missoni is known for their signature print knits and were one of the biggest names in fashion during the 70’s.  The hiccup is prices may be a bit out of the average fashionista’s budget now that the label is taking a second bow.  Missoni has always been considered high end and high fashion so even vintage pieces may have price tags to match. [right_image link="http://shopforclothes.com/product_17392224.html"]http://www.stylequirk.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/missoni-handbag.jpg[/right_image] In case you want to add little bit of Missoni to your wardrobe, but on a budget, there are several sources that are paying “the highest form of flattery” to Missoni.  You can find affordable clothing like dresses, tops, sweaters and jumpsuits in this iconic zig zag print.  Another option is a short jacket or sweater coat that has this iconic print.   Whatever you choose will blend into just about any fashionista’s wardrobe.  Because of all the colors it can easily go dressy or casual depending on your outfit and accessory choices.   Although this recognizable print hails from the 70’s if you simply dig the print it can also have a contemporary look.   If a zig zagged garment isn’t in your budget you will find accessories to work into your wardrobe like, scarves, handbags and even shoes.


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