Gloss on the Go: Twist and Pout

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Those of you beauty and fashion enthusiasts that are troubled by dry lips can now do some serious multitasking. Ladies, if you’re looking for some new lip-age, I suggest you check out one of the latest beauty products I’ve come across, Twist and Pout. I am not a fan of little knickknacks, trinkets, and kitschy items, but these little beauty product baubles are actually quite genius…at least, I think so. Twist and Pout has created a line of accessories/beauty products that are multifunctional and could be called a truly must-have item. According to their website, the balm is:
  • SPF 20 protection and all natural formulation
  • Neutral pink shimmer gives a touch of color, works with any skin tone
  • Attaches to handbags or backpacks as a must-have fashion accessory
  • Light and delicious citrus flavor
These little pretties vaguely remind me of those super-sized Bonnie Bell lip smackers with the loop on the bottom. Those were fun back in the day, and I had a bunch of them, but they did tend to clash with your outfit or be a bit bulky when you tucked them under your clothes. Also, if you lost the cap, you were off to buy another one. What makes these items different and more practical is that these little gems are truly fashion accessories; they come in different shapes and sizes to resemble pretty gems, jewels, or keychains. Lip balm is a beauty must have for anyone, so it’s great to have it literally at your fingertips. They can all be clipped to your bag or keys for moisturized lips at your fingertips. There is one little hiccup; perhaps I ask too much, but I didn’t notice a mirror as part of the piece. Maybe it would make it too heavy, or it didn’t make sense to them for safety’s sake.

The packaging is a bit decorative for my tastes, but they have an impressive selection of different options for you to choose from. The options include spheres, boxes, and charms. They offer seasonal themes and even a Pink Ribbon theme, but what is also interesting is they have a sports-themed line called Ballmania. I actually think these are quite charming, and according to the site they can be purchased with a company logo for giveaways, prizes, and gifts. These little do-dads seems to be geared toward women, but I would not be surprised if they end up in the hands of some male fans.  


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