How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

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When it comes to making your nail polish last longer, you want to make sure that you’re not applying anything too cheap to your nails. If you like to wear hand-mixed nail polish off Etsy, that’s great, but it’s probably not doing you any favors in terms of lasting longer. If you wouldn’t find it in a salon, it won’t last that long. First, don’t choose anything that is “fast-drying.” Before you actually apply, dip your nails in vinegar to get rid of the natural oils on your nails that can inhibit solidification. Next, only choose shades that have the words “hardener,” “chip-free,” or something else similarly suggestive in the title. It’s also beneficial if the words “moisturizing” and/or “strengthening” are in there. However, you can’t just apply it once and expect it to solve all your problems. First, apply it in three thin coats. Allow each coat to thoroughly dry before applying the next. Then, apply a topcoat to solidify this. This is likely the most important part of the process. Even if you don’t have time to apply three coats, get in that topcoat. Lastly, take care of your nails. Don’t wash dishes unless you’re wearing gloves. Try to minimize the amount of time you spend in the shower. Anytime you have to do work with your hands that could possibly chip your nails, wear gloves, or go slowly and avoid contact with your nails. If you’re really into long-term solutions, consider Shellac nail polish. This can last for up to three weeks, and must be applied by a professional manicurist—It’s also dried with UV rays. However, if you like to wear acrylic nails or your nails are otherwise unhealthy, this isn’t a good idea for you. It’s very hard to remove (you have to pay to do so), and it’s more expensive than normal polish, so again, this is only if you DEFINITELY want to avoid any kind of maintenance at all. [cjniche keywords="Nail Polish" listing="3"]


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