Lips That Sizzle: Ombre Lips

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Hair and beauty products often take their cues from fashion, so in going with the flow of things, it was just a matter of time before the ombre trend in fashion trickled over into the world of beauty. “Ombre” is a French word for shading or graduating, and this can be done with one or more than one color. Typically it goes from dark to light; for example, if you used this effect in your hair, you might start with dark brown near your roots and work your way down to a very light brown or even blond. 

The ombre effect made quite a bit of noise on the catwalks. It was used on clothing, shoes, and accessories, and it’s always been a popular eye shadow effect. In 2012, ombre is still making its way through fashion. It’s a pretty option for prom and weddings, and it’s now landed on the lips of mortal and celebrity fashionistas.   

I am still having my love affair with deep red matte lipstick, so I don’t think I will be working this hot trend on my lips, but I do think it looks pretty on other women and works well with several of the hot trends going on right now. Whatever the shade of lipstick, I always like the idea of bold and intense lips, with the rest of your face neutral or even bare.

Several of the beauty sites that I checked out were so kind to give instructions how to get this cool hot weather look so I pulled the basics from the easy steps from

1.    Apply a dark matte lipstick to your top lip.

2.    Very carefully rub your lips together, trying to keep the lipstick only on the top half of your bottom lip. The idea here is to have lipstick on your top lip and then lightly on the top half of your bottom lip.

3. Using a lip brush, or your finger whatever you have on hand, apply a clear gloss from the center of your lips out to the edges.

While I was hopping around the net checking out different sites, I saw some very interesting variations and interpretations that ran from subtle shades of one color to over-the-top bold rainbow lips. What I like about this trend is although there are a few color combos and variations that seem to be more popular than others, you can always use your imagination. You might even start your very own sub-trend.  Now I am planning an evening with all of my favorite shades of red to see what I come up with.


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