Take a Dip in Style: Swimsuits for All

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Since summer’s rolling around, we can’t neglect the bathing suit discussion. You’re doing all the hard work: working out, scheduling days off, and working on maintaining a flawless complexion. Here at Style Quirk, we’re doing some research on the best suits for your figure. And we’re not only talking two-pieces and tankinis; beach outerwear can also enhance your summer wardrobe. Cute cover-ups can set you apart from everyone else schlepping to the beach in tank tops and cut-offs. Here’s a small sample of both garments for different personal styles.


This “Fruity Suity” swimsuit from online favorite ModCloth comes in both two-piece and one-piece options. Both retail for $89.99, and you can be sure that you’ll be the only one sporting such a cool vintage suit. Shrug on this yellow Etsy romper over the suit; for only $32, you’ll complete a look that’s retro without being dated.





Pairing a striped cover-up with a patterned suit is a great way to mix and match busy patterns while still looking like a cohesive beach babe. For instance, this tunic from Vix swimwear ($114) and striped two-piece from Coco+Kelley is a perfect combo that manages to be both classic and current.



I’ve subscribed to Athleta magazine since the eighth grade because they have clothing, shoes, swimsuits, and other items for the athletic frame completing athletic activities. This Amrita top and bottom worn with an Athleta beach bum pullover ($89) will allow you to stay mobile while running around on the sand, surfing, or horsing around in the waves.




From the pastel colors to hints of ruffles, this Victoria’s Secret two-piece radiates femininity. At $44 and $18 apiece, this suit is affordably well-made. Stick with Victoria’s Secret and purchase a cover-up dress from the Beach Sexy Collection. This piece is pretty in pink and creates an airy silhouette; with a one-shoulder design and embroidered sleeves, it’s simple with some small whimsical touches.



Bathing suits like this one from Vitamin A can help you look your sexiest while still covering up and avoiding massive sunburns. A vibrant, jewel-toned cover-up like this one from MyaBlueBeach will set you apart and complement any skin tone.

With some favorite flip-flops and new summer tunes, you’ll be hitting the water fashionably just in time for pool/beach season. 


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