Why I Loved “The Evil Dead”

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The best theatrical horror movie in the last five years—and here’s why.
The best theatrical horror movie in the last five years—and here’s why.

If you are a fan of horror and have not seen the Evil Dead remake that is out in theaters right now, what is wrong with you? Do you even understand we have just been handed the greatest, goriest horror flick of our generation? Do you understand that the gore in this flick is, for all intents and purposes, without equal in terms of mainstream films actually released in theaters? Do you realize that most modern horror with this level of gore is delegated to On-Demand?Read More »

Abigail Breslin Like We’ve Never Seen Her

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Remember that darling little girl from Little Miss Sunshine? She was absolutely adorable in her mismatched outfit, huge, red-rimmed glasses, and her funny little booty-shaking antics? Well, that darling little girl – also known as actress Abigail Breslin – is not so little any more. Like all child stars, she went and grew up when we weren’t paying attention. Unlike many child stars, however, she’s still got it.Read More »

Kristen Stewart Will Play Snow White Again

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I am, admittedly, behind the times in the movie-viewing realm. It was only two weeks ago that I finally watched Snow White and Huntsman. Of course, I was all caught up with the scandal surrounding the film last summer when it came out in theaters, but I am cheap and I have a baby to tend to, so I waited until it was available on Netflix.Read More »

Joaquin Phoenix’s Love-Hate Relationship With the Oscars

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Joaquin Phoenix continues living up to his title (that I gave him) as Hollywood’s sexiest curmudgeon. The 38-year-old actor has put his foot in his mouth regarding the Oscars and is now trying to remove at least half of it – all while trying to not sound like a hypocrite.  

Last month, Phoenix told Elvis Mitchell of Interview magazine in an interview that he thinks the Academy Awards, aka The Oscars, are “bullshit.”Read More »

How Anne Dropped 25 Pounds

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Losing weight is hard – especially when you don’t really have 25 pounds to lose in the first place. Anne Hathaway found that out the hard way, when she had to go to extremes to drop that amount of weight for her role in the movie version of the famous musical Les Miserables.Read More »

Skyfall Breaks Record

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I guess I better get off my butt and go see Skyfall, considering it’s breaking records left and right. Clearly, the world is loving the latest Bond franchise film.

The 23rd Bond filmgarnered nearly $88 million last Friday and Saturday, earning it the distinction of being the highest-earning Bond debut ever. Far behind in second place is Quantum of Solace ($67.5 million) and Casino Royale ($40.8 million). Apparently, Bond is still “cool” 50 years after the franchise began.Read More »

Bravo, George!

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When I think of “philanthropy,” I’ll be honest, George Lucas’ name has never come to mind. After his recent announcement to donate $4 billion to education, however, he’s basically set the bar to which I will forever compare all other philanthropists to now, as education is my favorite charity. Read More »

Congratulations Jodie Foster!

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Jodie Foster has been a well-known and well-respected actress for quite some time now, but she has just been honored with one of her biggest recognitions as an actress. Foster will be awarded a lifetime achievement award – also known as the Cecil B. DeMille Award - at the upcoming 70th annual Golden Globes. With this award, Foster has officially joined the ranks of Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand, Jack Nicholson, and Clint Eastwood.Read More »

Top Five Scary Movies

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Halloween…we’ve been covering it all month! But it’s something I don’t think I’d ever get tired of. I love talking about costumes, candy, history, traditions, and ghost stories. It’s so much fun! But alas, all good things must come to an end, and this is one of the last Halloween articles I’ll be writing, because hey…we’re here!Read More »

Halloween Flicks

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I recently wrote an article about great stories and books you could read to get ready for Halloween, and I decided to continue that idea by putting together a list of good movies that are appropriate for this holiday. You know, to really get you spooked.

Whether you’re looking for a thriller, horror movie, or just a related film, here you go!Read More »