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At the local movie theater here, they offer free movies for children once a week during the summer. A couple of weeks ago I saw The Smurfs, the classic comic story brought to the silver screen. I will say I wasn’t expecting all that much, but the film still let me down in some areas.Read More »

Natalie Portman, A Hollywood Gem

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Natalie Portman is one of my favorite actresses; not because she is stunningly beautiful or because she is a chameleon for her roles (although I love those things about her), but because she doesn’t fit into the stereotype of a young Hollywood actress at all. There are no Natalie Portman sex tapes, reports of drug overdoses or alcohol abuse, or topless photos stolen from her hacked cell phone.Read More »

The Dark Knight Rises

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Despite the tragedy in Colorado concerning the newest Batman movie, I wanted to write about my experience when I went to see it. I understand that it may be a touchy subject, and as always, wish no grieving family member any disrespect. All of us at SQ are keeping the ones that were lost in our hearts and minds, but are forging ahead with our reviews and thoughts. Please enjoy!Read More »

The Dark Knight Rises Review

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Many consider The Dark Knight to be The Godfather of the superhero genre. It was the game-changer that took iconic superheroes out of the realm of kiddie entertainment and in the land of serious art. It raised the bar impossibly high, not just for the superhero films that would come after it, but for its own sequel. The question concerning The Dark Knight Rises was whether or not it would be a masterpiece in the vein of The Godfather 2 or a misfire like The Godfather 3.Read More »

Another Year, Another Comic-Con

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Unsurprisingly, the folks at the famous (or infamous) multi-genre convention geared toward comics, science fiction, and the like managed to make 2012 another unforgettable year. Fans got to meet their favorite characters, creators, and creatures over the course of four days in the San Diego Convention Center.Read More »

Jordin Sparks Sparkles

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Jordin Sparks’ movie Sparkle is bound to receive a fair amount of attention from people for no other reason than it is also Whitney Houston’s last film before her unexpected death this past February.

Sparks, 22, first gained fame on American Idol when she won the sixth season at the tender age of 17. Her strong physical features helped her stand out as much as her booming and beautiful voice, instantly making her a role model for bigger girls. Sparks was proof that big can certainly be beautiful…and talented.Read More »

Mila Kunis Has Her Sh** Together

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Mila Kunis has her head squarely on her shoulders. Not many actresses still in their twenties can claim that. Kunis continued to prove that the Hollywood lifestyle has not gotten to her and made her a diva in her interview and photo shoot for the August edition of Interview magazine.Read More »

Elizabeth Banks is “Like Us”

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Elizabeth Banks’ new comedy People Like Us is aptly named, as the 38-year-old actress really does seem like a normal, down-to-earth person you would befriend in real life. She does not put on airs or have a single diva quality to her, only making her tiny frame, blonde locks, and huge smile all the more attractive. Read More »

Assassin’s Creed Movie to Star Fassbender

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I think we’ve all learned to be wary of crossover movies, but the upcoming Assassin’s Creed films has more potential than some of the other ones. For starters, the movie is going to star Michael Fassbender, who will be a co-producer. You may know Fassbender from his past appearances as Magneto, in X-Men: First Class, or from Inglorious Basterds. The actor has been very busy lately; he’ll be in the upcoming films Twelve Years a Slave and The Counselor, as well as finding time for the new Creed project.Read More »

Ted Review: Not Your Average Teddy Bear

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So yesterday my mom called me and adamantly told me that she wanted to go see Ted because she thought it looked “cute.” I tried to explain that I didn’t think the movie was aiming for “cute” based on the R-rating , the fact that the Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is behind it, and the gist of the trailer, in which Ted the stuffed bear hangs around with a bunch of prostitutes watching Sixteen and Pregnant. Anyway, she wasn’t hearing it and I’d wanted to see the movie anyway, so we went.Read More »