Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars Recap – The Finals

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In the final week of competition, we found out who would be going home with the coveted Mirrorball Trophy! The Dancing With the Stars: All Stars final round was full of action, excitement, and anxiety. For the first time in the history of the show, only women competed in the final round. Shawn Johnson, Kelly Monaco, and Melissa Rycroft danced with their partners for one last time. Each couple chose to recreate what they considered their best dance of the season and also performed a freestyle routine in the hopes of being crowed the winner.Read More »

Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars Recap – Semi-Finals

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We’ve reached the Dancing With the Stars: All Stars Semi-Final round, and the stars were certainly feeling the pressure. The couples danced twice this week, and for two semi-finalists it would be their final performance. Last week, each couple selected a dance style combined with an unusual theme for a competing couple to perform. The second dance this week was set to music by Michael Jackson.Read More »

Whitney Ep. 2 Recap

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It wasn’t until this episode that I realized I had no idea what Whitney and Alex did for a living. There’s good reason: neither of them work regularly in the traditional sense. Whitney is a freelance photographer who seems to have last worked last year, and Alex sold a website, which made money, and is now working on coming up with another successful idea. OK, now that the employment situation is settled, we can get on with the rest of the recap.Read More »

ANTM Finale Recap

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Every cycle, there is a recap/unseen footage episode the week before the finale, so I was shocked when I realized that I was about to witness the next top model being named this week. It turns out this cycle’s unseen footage was shown in an episode that immediately followed the finale. Everything is so weird and out of order this cycle! The episode isn’t the only thing out of order: the episode starts out by introducing the runway show, then flashes back to the photo shoots they did for Nine West and Nylonthis week.Read More »

ANTM Unseen Footage Recap

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Though it’s normally used to stall the finale for an extra week, this year the unseen footage and recap episode immediately followed the finale. Interesting. They made a lot of changes this cycle and I won’t pretend to understand them all, so let’s just accept that this recap episode came after the whole thing was done.Read More »

Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars Recap – Week Eight

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Due to last week’s election, there was no elimination round on Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars. However, the couples certainly did not get the week off, as they each performed a “fusion dance” combining two different dance styles into one, as well as a group marathon dance.Read More »

Law & Order: SVU Ep. 7 Recap

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Hang on, this is a long one, because a lot happened. So many twists and extra characters!

Our episode starts off with Josie and Brayden Leddy taking their one-year-old daughter Tessa to the playground. Brayden takes tons of photos, yet when Josie and Brayden take business calls, neither notice Tessa being kidnapped.Read More »

Vampire Diaries Recap: “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes”

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This season of Vampire Diaries is really picking up, and last night’s episode gave us everything we love about the show and then some. “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes” followed the tried and true formula – Elena’s in trouble and the gang’s gotta save her – but with some unexpectedly dark twists. Plus, I think we got a little glimpse of the next Big Bad coming to Mystic Falls, based on the story Professor Sketchy, er, I mean Professor Shane told at his occult exhibit about an immortal witch who was buried alive and is waiting to be released to bring havoc to the world.Read More »

Beauty & the Beast Recap “Cover Artist”

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I’ve skipped the last few weeks of Beauty and the Beast, but decided to jump back in last night with “Cover Artist.” I was a little worried I’d missed something critical in the last two episodes, but apparently not. Seems like the only thing that happened was that Cat got drunk at her birthday party and kissed Evan while Vincent skulked in the shadows outside her window. Also, Vincent has been waking up in strange places with no recollection of how he got there. That pretty much brings us up to speed.Read More »

Up All Night Ep. 7 Recap

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It’s the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning over at the Brinkley house, and Reagan is up packing. Chris emerges from the bedroom, groggy and wearing one of Regan’s v-necks and some of her old maternity pants because he just woke up. Regan’s brilliant plan was to fly to Maryland, where Chris’ family lives, on Thanksgiving morning to avoid the mess of airline travel the day before Thanksgiving (I did it once – the day before really is a busy disaster) and to avoid having to help cook once they arrive.Read More »