A Man and His (Magnetically Attached) iPod

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How far would you go to have your iPod near you at all times?

Dave Hurban, a body piercer from New Jersey, apparently couldn’t bear to be away from his glorious piece of Apple hardware for any length of time. I agree with him; holding my iPod Touch in my hand or tucking it into my pocket just doesn’t let me properly absorb its full dosage of Steve Jobs radioactive wonderfulness. As I am not particularly industrious, I just deal with it.

Dave, however, is a braver man than me, and decided to face this situation head-on. The MSNBC story goes into some minor, non-gruesome detail:

“Hurban...mapped out the four corners of the iPod on his arm and then inserted four titanium studs into his skin. Once the incisions healed, he popped on his iPod, which is held in place magnetically.”

If you’re anything like me, you probably paused at the part where he sticks titanium studs into his skin.

Or maybe you didn’t. I’m squeamish and immediately cringed. I find tattoos fascinating, but could never get one (partially because of what’s involved in tattooing, and partially because my mother will pick up her biggest butcher knife and carve it out of my flesh). I can’t imagine shoving actual metal things under my skin. Well, I can, which is why I’m squirming right now. I’d just prefer not to imagine it.

I also don’t like visiting the dentist or getting shots. God help me if I ever need real surgery.

Dave’s magnetized iPod sits nicely on his wrist. It’s one of those little cube-shaped ones – not the NaNo, but the really small square version. I guess it’s about the size of a big watch face. I’m pretty sure that just glancing at it on his wrist in passing won’t have you screeching and leaping out of the way; all in all, finding out he used a small model was a relief. When I first heard the story, I was picturing my iPod Touch crudely stitched onto someone’s wrist, which I figure is only a step before Human Centipede-type shenanigans.

So yes, I guess it’s useful. I just wonder what prompted the action. Did the wire from his headphones not stretch all the way to his pocket? Did he get tired of holding it all the time? Does this foreshadow a new fad in which your smallest pieces of technology (and heck, maybe favorite jewelry, too) is grafted onto you permanently?

I keep coming back to why. If he just did it to see if he could...well, that’s one thing. History is full of successful entrepreneurs who were just curious enough to experiment with something. Sometimes it works (we have electricity, right?) and sometimes it doesn’t (that guy who got a horrible infection by trying to pierce his nether regions).

In the meantime, Dave Hurban, I salute you. If I ever need to magnetically attach my iPod to my hand...well, the odds of that happening are extraordinarily low, but I can think of a few friends who might try it. I’ll send them your way. 


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