Andrej Pejic Works the Bridal Runway

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I am sure you have all heard the saying by the mysterious “they” that “all brides are beautiful.” I am going to take a wild guess that whoever “they” might be would be more than a little surprised if they saw Andrej Pejic on the runway during 2012 bridal week in Barcelona. Not that Pejic wasn’t beautiful, but the gorgeous model working the bridal runway took this statement to a new level. For those of you who aren’t in the know, high fashion model Andre Pejic is a man.

You may want to do a bit a sleuthing on the net yourself about Pejic. I just discovered him myself last season when New York Magazine did a piece on him called “The Prettiest Boy in the World.”

Telegraph shared a bit of news in their recent piece: “[Jean Paul] Gaultier regularly casts him in his fashion shows, and a new fragrance campaign hints that we're set to see Pejic as we've never seen him before.”

Looking at photos reminds me that I have seen Pejic in lots of fashion magazine spreads before, where he appears as both genders. Like most other folks, I was floored to find out he was a guy, but what I find more surprising is that even after finding out he is physically a male, I agree completely; Pejic makes a beautiful “female” model and obviously a beautiful bride.

The Huffington Post went on to say, “Pejic modeled two looks in the Spanish fashion show, wearing his blonde hair tightly pulled back and accented with a delicate headband. One look was a flowing, utterly feminine take on bridal, with a thin ribbon tied under the bust and gauzy layers of skirt” Yep, sounds like this group of “they” agree that all brides are beautiful. And it seems to be unanimous. Telegraph wrote, “The Serbian model cut a graceful figure as he took to the runway for the label Rosa Clara during Barcelona Bridal Week. The 20-year-old modeled two fairytale gowns intended for brides-to-be, and looked as svelte and ladylike as his female colleagues - so much so, that it's impossible to single him out as an androgynous man.”

In addition to simply being fascinated by Pejic’s appearance, I think this piece could not be more timely considering June, the month of the bride, is just around the corner!  


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