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Spring has arrived and summer is on its way, signaling the beginning of shorts, sandals, and t-shirts. One of our favorite wardrobe must-haves making a comeback is the baby doll dress. Well, “comeback” is probably inaccurate, since it never left, but nothing says goodbye winter like an adorable babydoll frock. Characterized by above-the-knee hemlines, a defined waist, and light fabrics, these dresses give the wearer an effervescent vibe that translates into carefree styling.

The ultimate in femininity, babydoll dresses give women a fitted silhouette while still achieving a decidedly young look. That being said, it’s all in how you wear them. Simple in their design, their utility is undeniable and can help you transition into summer living, whether your style icon is Amanda Bynes or J.Lo.

First off, don’t take babydoll to mean obscenely short or shapeless. Just because babydoll minis are rampant in stores doesn’t mean everyone ought to be rocking them. Minis are perfect for women wanting to highlight their toned gams; however, I don’t care how ripped you are, wearing minis after 25 creates too young of a look for you.

Now, that’s not to say that babydoll dresses are only for the college set and younger. Kate Hudson’s maternity babydoll dress is the perfect example of how to look put-together while you’re expecting. The dress gathers at the smallest part of your waist and is loose and flowy, hiding a baby bump or any other imperfections rather than clinging to and enhancing them. Depending on the neckline, babydoll dresses can also be flattering to all chest sizes.

And even if you don’t have a baby on the way or are 25+, take a cue from Hudson’s lower hemline if you’re looking for a fresh weekend outfit. Paired with flats, jewelry of your choice, or solid cardigan, babydoll dresses can be constantly reinvented as one of your summer staples.

This piece can also be found at both ends of the budget spectrum. Fashion favorite Forever 21 has this floral babydoll dress available for $24.80. Additionally, this beautifully dyed frock retails for $40, can suit a variety of skin tones, and goes with a number of different accessories and shoes.

Whether you prefer a sweetheart, square, halter, or other sort of neckline, babydoll dresses are what you need to feel comfortable in the summer heat while still looking absolutely adorable.   


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