The Best Summer Shoes for You!

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As we head into summer, the shoes are getting just as hot as the weather. Summer requires all kinds of things, and one of them is being comfortable and cute at the same time. There are lots of summer shoes, as we all know, but some are cuter than others. There are sandals, heels, wedges, and more to choose from! Heels this season are strappier and taller, flats are micro-thin, and wedges are colorful or earth-toned. So whether you’re heading or staying in, there’s something to fit the occasion! Read on for the best summer shoes for you.

1)      Wedges – These wedges are from Francesca’s, a really college-oriented, boutique-esque chain of stores. They’re typically really indie, with lots of cute prints and cuts of dresses, but they also have a collection of shoes. Here are some adorable wedges that are in this season’s hottest color: tangerine.

These shoes are a combination of wedges and heels, but could be styled so easily and go anywhere! Dress up a pair of cut-offs or printed shorts, or wear them with a dress. You could easily wear these to church, a graduation party, graduation itself, or to the movies. They’re now on sale for just $28!

2)      Sandals – These espadrille sandals from Forever21 may remind you of wedges, but they’re really closer to flatforms. They’ve got a definite funky look, but follow the stacked espadrille trend that’s big right now. The other big trend is sandals and flats are micro-flats, and we’ll look at that in just a second. Pick these beauties up for just $22. 80 Wear them with shorts of a skirt, but I don’t recommend wearing them with pants.

3)      These asymmetrical sandals are also from Forever21, and go for $9.80. They’re following the miro-flat trend, which I really love! Pair them with a breezy skirt for a really cute effect. These would be great for a walk on the beach or for a bonfire.

4)      These strappy, chunky heels from Modcloth are the cutest things! They feature a bright blue strap color, with the heel made from a woven, tribal pattern. The color combination makes them only slightly harder to dress up, but you could still wear them to most events. I might not recommend wearing them to church or graduation, but they’d be perfect for a night out or for a less formal event. Pair them with shorts, or with a flow-y dress for maximum cute-ness.

There you are, some of summer’s cutest shoes! I hope you find a pair you like. Happy summer!


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