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The floral trend continues to bloom in the fashion world. Several floral garments and accessories are getting to take a turn in the spotlight. One accessory that is taking its turn is a floral tote. If there is still time, this would make a nice Mother’s Day gift, but you may want to remember the phrase “me first.”

Beach weather may be a bit down the road, but floral totes are perfect for the occasion. Think a little out of the box (or garden), if you will. You can always use a pretty tote, floral or not, for the gym or to use as an oversized handbag. In addition to simply being pretty, a floral tote is fun to carry, and now that they are being made with more detailing and embellishments, these versatile bags are more like a traditional purse or tote.


This year, there is quite a selection of floral totes to choose from, and some of these big bags are quite glamorous. Your choices go way past the days of what LL Bean and The Gap used to offer; there are several big names like Prada, Proenza Schouler, and Kate Spade that have included floral totes and purses into their lines this season. As far as shapes go, you can choose from the traditional boxy shape or something current like a bucket shape, satchel, or an actual framed shape that is hand held. Spring 2012’s floral totes are more sophisticated-looking, and lots of them resemble other handbags that are completely made of leather. It’s safe to say for every other textile purse shape, you can find one in a lovely floral fabric.

I usually end up buying one of these each year. They are perfect for toting books, hitting the outdoor markets, or for overnight trips. Normally I go with the traditional-shaped tote with cloth handles, but I think I will check out something more purse-like and let it pull double duty as my handbag for a while. If you opt for leather detailing, you have your choice of natural colors like black and brown, or a coordinating color. Like I said, it may be a bit early for the beach, but I am a firm believer in acting as if, so if we carry these warm weather-inspired bags, they might inspire some warm weather to appear. 

Relic Eisley Shopper Tote - Floral

Relic Eisley Shopper Tote - Floral

This Relic fabric shopper tote in a vibrant floral print features dual PVC handles, top zip closure, slide in pouches on each end and a front side snap compartment. Fully lined interior includes a cell phone pouch and a back wall zipper pocket. Handle drop of 7.5". Dimensions: 14.5"W x 8.5"H x 3.5"D. Available in Floral Print.


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