The Evolution Theory: How Fashion Recycles

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Let’s take a minute to think about the atmosphere in fashion these days – pretty liberated, right? We live in some amazing times, where people make their own trends, and more of us than ever have a moving voice in the fashion industry because of blogs, websites, and magazines. We’re breaking style rules faster than ever, creating new fads quicker than ever, and generally kicking butt in the style department of life.

There are so many options in fashion today, and part of that is because the industry recycles itself. You know what I mean. Girls today are forever fawning over grandma’s hair in high school pictures, along with her dresses from way back when. This is natural, of course, because styles and fads tend to reappear every twenty to thirty years (sometimes more or less), and so we see them pop up again. It’s been that way for most of modern history. Today, that factor has changed just a bit.

For the most part, we reuse old fads from our parents or grandparents’ generation, and this does still hold true today. But we’re also seeing a lot more freedom from that rule. Nowadays, people aren’t obligated to dress in any one particular fashion or style, and there are more options when it comes to “genres” of fashion than ever before. Just check out any Seventeen magazine, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. They feature girly, preppy, classic, edgy, bohemian, and vintage styles, plus many more. There’s no longer one particular standard for dressing.

My point here is that we live in a fashion-forward and liberated age. While we still recycle older trends, we’re also more unafraid to try new ones, and to reach back father than the norm. For example, we still favor holey, distressed jeans, which were popular in the ’50s (somewhat) and in the ’80s (more so). We also love the wide-leg jeans of the ’70s (though the updated version is a bit better looking than the bell bottoms of yesteryear). We still love ruffles from the ’20s, and silhouettes from the ’40s. It’s a great melting pot of style!

While I haven’t lived in these bygone eras, I can still look at pictures and be inspired by the past. In today’s society, that inspirational “past” doesn’t have as many requirements to be fulfilled as it used to. I can pick and choose from any decade I want. Fashion will always recycle trends, but we have much more freedom today than in past years. Fashion is truly getting more open-minded, and I can’t wait to see more!


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