Fans of Vans?

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I have loved Vans ever since they came on the scene back in high school. However, I unfortunately thought for the longest time that I just wasn’t cool enough to pull them off. I mean, you know where I’m coming from, right? Hipster culture, though it’s supposed to evince the most effort of any scene, requires perhaps more effort than anything else! You can’t just throw on a pair of Vans and expect them to look good with any outfit. They’re essentially the kind of shoe you have to build an outfit (or wardrobe) around. Since then, I’ve learned my lesson! I’m definitely not the kind of guy who wears Vans all the time, but I do like to get funky from time to time. When I do, I throw on those Vans and my whole outfit revolves around them.

One thing you’ll notice about Vans is that they have a lot of lines. They may not be high in number (unless you pick up a plaid pair), but whatever each pair has will be prominent. You may not realize it, but the lines are probably the most redeeming aspect of the shoe. You may think it’s the shape or design, but the lines really bring out the contours and strike the funky tone they’re pulling off. Also, notice the fabric. Most Vans are made of denim or a similarly durable material, so you don’t want to be shy. You want your clothes to be as strong as the shoes. A general rule of thumb is to stick to jeans. Most other pants (let alone skirts or dresses) will look ridiculous with Vans. This is especially true considering the importance of funkiness in their design. You want your outfit to be pretty unique, and a dress, chinos, slacks, and khakis don’t really do the job. Don’t forget about the lines I mentioned before, either – so if you can find pants that have some kind of lines, whether it be through stitching, decal or dye (that mirrors what you see in your particular shoe), you’re set. Since Vans are very curvy (and not blocky, like many shoes), you’re gonna also want to stick to skinny or straight-leg jeans. When it comes to a top, think anything but generic. This isn’t formalwear, so you have a lot of leeway, but that’s definitely a rule to abide by. If you picked up your shirt at the likes of Aeropostale, Old Navy,  Forever 21, or American Eagle, leave it at home. Instead, opt for stores like Pac Sun, Hot Topic, or vintage boutiques. Even if you have no accessories to finish off your ensemble, a great top is all you need! 


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