Get Out of Here, Kanye: Celeb Tantrums

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Over the course of his career, rapper Kanye West’s mouth has made as many headlines as his talents, from his infamous onstage rant at the 2009 VMAs to this new two-stomp hissy fit on Twitter about fashion statements he just can’t stand. For those of you unaware of his disdain for a variety of clothing pieces and combinations, go here to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

The beauty of free speech is that you have the obvious freedom to say anything you want. The bad news is that it doesn’t keep Kanye or anyone else from being an #arrogant moron.

Childish rants aside, almost nothing he saw could be construed as off-limits in the fashion world. Khaki cargo shorts are about as benign as it gets, and button-downs with hoodies remain the uniform of somewhat classy hipsters everywhere.

I’ll admit that the khaki trench, jeans, and workout sneakers combo doesn’t sound like the most fashion-forward thing I’ve ever heard of. I’m also a fan of sideburns more as a novelty than a daily facial hair choice.

But just like anything else, striped scarves and the sport coat/button-down/jeans/dress shoes look can be done correctly or incorrectly. On one of my favorite USA shows, In Plain Sight, Frederick Weller as U.S. Marshal Marshall Mann rocks the jeans, sport coat, and dress shoe combo religiously every episode. For a fictional government man, he looks pretty professional while still maintaining that level of comfort needed to chase down rogue witnesses.

However, donning jeans in place of trousers for, say, a wedding or formal dinner is a definite no-no. Men, we wear heels, hose, and fitted dresses; suck it up and wear the nice pants.

Striped scarves can look juvenile or like homemade hell, but there’s no reason striped can’t be synonymous with stylish. These neutral and rugby-inspired scarves from Abercrombie provide some respite from the biting cold while still being a cute addition to your winter wear.

I’m not saying you need to be a fashion designer to make any kind of relevant comment on what people around you are wearing. That’s like saying anyone with Twitter who isn’t David Beckham shouldn’t talk soccer. It’s just that hating on anything harmless is a waste of energy, not to mention an exercise in futility.     

Kanye also has the right to remain silent, but unfortunately lacks the ability. And really, we care about fashion advice from this guy?


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