The Hardest-Working Garment in the Fashion Business

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There is an unofficial list of the things every woman should have in her closet. These are garments, accessories, and shoes that can make, create, and finish an outfit. The list can vary according to your age, where you live, and your lifestyle, but most of them are pretty basic. One item that is at the top of the list no matter what is the Little Black Dress.

No garment goes to more parties, special events, and important dates than the little black dress. The LBD is an absolutely necessary key item for every full-fledged fashionista’s wardrobe to be complete. You could think of it as a membership card. In all seriousness, no woman should be without one or two of these magical items.

The first lesson a little fashionista should get is that every woman should own one simple but elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down with accessories, depending on the occasion. Because the LBD is a staple in a woman’s wardrobe, unless you can afford to have more than one, a good idea is to choose as simple a style as possible. What you want to do is choose a style that isn’t recognized as part of certain trend, so it won’t appear dated. A perfect choice would be a sheath dress.

The good news is you really can’t go wrong as long as it’s black, but you do want to take into consideration your body type and choose the LBD that will look best on you. Here are a few body issues and style suggestions to get your LBD to work overtime. Feel free to work these into your prom choice, or simply find the LBD that works best for you:

Bottom heavy

Fuller skirts disguise heavy hips while showing off the waist. A fitted halter or strapless silhouette that accents a trim upper body is also very flattering for bottom-heavy figures

Flabby arms

The trick is to work a sexy element like embellishment or peek-a-boo cutouts on the little black dress. You can also add sex appeal with a V-neck or square neckline and shoulder detail.


Try a three-quarter sleeve with a ruffle trim to elongate and flatter. You also want to look for a dress with a lot of shape. Avoid too-cutesy looks like puffed sleeves or giant bows so you won't look like a little girl.


Show some skin and enjoy a flattering style like a tiered dress.

Wide shoulders

Look for body-balancing details like an asymmetrical neckline. Avoid puffy sleeves or voluminous tops paired with slim bottoms that will exaggerate your shoulder width.

Thick waist

Disguise a thick waist in a little black dress by raising, lowering, or eliminating the waistline. A drop-waist dress hits somewhere around the hipbones. Empire-waist dresses are also a good choice.

Top heavy

Balance a top-heavy figure with a V-neck, square neck, a wrap, or portrait style. Look for fabrics that skim but aren't clingy or too stiff. Also, avoid ornate necklines, embellished bodices, and blouson styles.

Little bust

Look for embellishment or fullness on the bust. Ruffles on the bust give it volume, and a defined waist flatters the upper body.

To add curves

Add feminine presence with fullness. You can also pump up the volume with extra details like full sleeves, ruched waist, layers, and ruffles.



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