Keeping You on Your Toes: Ballet Flats

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We saw these shoes over the holidays all dressed up with baubles, bangles, beads, and bows, but for spring, along with the embellishments, ballet flats are going old school…ballet school that is. The original ballet flat, or dolly shoe, is a soft ballet slipper with no heel or a very thin heel. The ballet flat has officially existed since the 16th century, but didn’t become a street shoe and join the fashion world until later down the road.

Although ballet flats are too flat for me, I am a fan from afar. I think they are darling and always notice them on my fellow fashionistas. In addition to being a stylish shoe, most women sing about how comfortable they are. I have tried owning a pair several times, practically every year. I will be honest and admit that I don’t like the way they look on my feet, but vanity aside, I can’t wear them comfortably, so I will be sitting this one out. I need more of an arch, and just a tad more of a heel changes the ball game and takes you into another shoe style. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, I will be using this as my rationale for the next shoe trend I am compelled to add to my collection.

Although ballet flats are trending right now, you can always find a pair of these shoes, and they are considered an essential wardrobe staple. The classic silhouette looks nice with just about any outfit, and can easily be worn day or night. For the working girl, basic neutrals like navy, black, or camel offer a sophisticated and chic, yet practical look, while more vibrant hues of violet, yellow and red add a welcome splash of color, perhaps for a night on the dance floor. And this season there is something for everyone. Brights, florals, pastels, and neons...and some designers are also taking us back to the pretty, dainty, and often pink flats. The functional elastic band has been traded in for pretty bows or simply traded out, but the signature thin bow at the toe remains.

The non-traditionalist should try a floral or graphic pattern, interesting textiles and embellishments. Traditionally this shoe has a round toe, but you can also find a few pointed toes as well. You will also find a variety of price points for this shoe; designers and labels from each end of the spectrum included this shoe in their line. You can go high end with names like Jimmy Choo, or affordable like ASOS. 


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