Pick a Dress, But Not Just Any Dress

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My prom came and went a long time ago; I shudder sometimes to think how long, but I remember quite vividly the task of choosing my prom gown. I had an idea of what I wanted, but of course finding it was the hard part. I must be getting old, because I look back on what a big deal I made, mostly with humor, but at the time it was serious business. Yes, it’s only one night, but it’s important, and of course there are those pictures.

For most of us gals, the prom gown is way up there on the list of the most important fashion choices in a woman’s life, perhaps a close second to the wedding gown. This decision can be love at first sight, or a long and possibly painful deliberative process. It would probably be safe to say that for lots of females, what they wear to the prom might even be more important than their date...well, maybe not. This isn’t as vain as it sounds, since lots of free spirits are going stag or in groups.

If you’re not one of the lucky “love at first sight” prom shoppers, you’re not alone. Right about now, an enormous number of teenage females all across the nation are still wrestling with the question of what to wear for the magical evening called prom. Luckily, since prom gowns are more of a personal choice rather than based on trend, most prom gowns can be “in style,” even if they are a fabulous vintage find or a fabulous hand-me-down. This is the occasion, much like getting married, where you get to wear what you like.

No matter what the price tag and style, this is a major purchase, and usually the result of a lot of thought, shopping trips, modeling sessions, and emotion. The “dream gown” of some girls is based on a personal creation or image in they have carried in their mind, and then there are hardcore fashionistas whose dream gown is strictly based on what’s hot and trendy right now.

You may have already picked out your gown, or you may be still struggling with this major fashion task. For those of you who fall in the latter category, here is a list of what’s hot right now to help you with your mission.




Mermaid (trumpet)



















Animal prints





Bling sequins, rhinestones, glitter




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