A Repeat Performance: Flatform Shoes

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Flatform shoes are back…and all I can say is HOORAY! The flatform platform shoe made its appearance last year, and they are back for another lap around the fashion block. I became a fan of this shoe before I even tried on a pair, and I am now hooked. I bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes last year, and I haven’t looked back. Little by little, slowly but steadily, I have been adding to my collection.

I absolutely love this shoe, and what I have been seeing has got me setting up a foundation to make sure I can keep up my collection. I tend to wear flats, and if I wear a heel, it needs to be a wedge or chunky platform so I can navigate through the world gracefully. So I feel like I hit the jackpot with this shoe of the moment. The name “flatform” says it all. I think the name is a pretty obvious description, but in case you’re not familiar, a flatform is a platform shoe that is flat, and has little or no arch. At the risk of sounding corny, I give the flatform two thumbs up.

There are many fabulous high-heeled shoes this season, and I am always grateful when there is a shoe that lets us less graceful fashionistas wear a pair of “heels.” I adore Jeffrey Campbell, and he definitely has high-quality merchandise. In addition to the fit and giving me the ability to walk gracefully, another thing I like about this shoe is it’s got a “high end” feeling to it ,because it looks like several shoes from some high ticket labels, like Derek Lam, Vera Wang, and Prada.

I don’t condone knock-offs, but several very affordable brands are offering similar looks that let budget fashionistas get in on this hot shoe style, and still be able to eat and pay rent. The flat form shoe, aside from being comfortable, is perfect for showing off several current clothing trends, and is also reminiscent of the hot fashion eras we are revisiting this season. Try pairing this shoe with a ladylike skirt, a pair of track pants, or full-legged trousers. I am working the closed toe styles, but you also have the option to choose from just as many open toes and cutout styles just in time for the warm weather. So ladies, jump on this one and start working this hot trend right away – or hide a pair for the coming summer.


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