Shoes with “Heeling” Powers

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It isn’t exactly earth-shattering news that there are some really fabulous shoes and sandals this season, but be warned, it may be quite painful to narrow your choices. Fabulous footwear just keeps coming down the runway. Just when you think you have seen a showstopper, another one takes its place. I thought the Prada “Rocket” shoes we saw early in the season were as far out as a designer could go…but in a blink of an eye, there were lots more

booties, shoes, and sandals nipping at their heels.

One of the reasons this season’s footwear is so breathtaking are the textiles and detailing being used. For the fall, we saw lots of embellishment on the toes and sides, and the latest accent that is taking shoes and boots to another level is ornate and decorative heels. The signature banana heel Prada and Jeffrey Campbell have been showing is mind-boggling architecture, but now we are seeing heels that are embellished with baubles, bangles, and beads, or made to look like interesting actual items like Chanel’s platform with a “coral” heel.

We saw a little of this trend over the cooler months summer with geometric shapes and metallic pin heels, but they are almost like a frumpy pair of house slippers compared to these decorative heels. It’s almost an understatement to say that they are truly over the top.

There are some designs that are pretty far out there, but not pass on this trend being timid. Most of these shoes are way too fabulous to pass up. You can work this trend to whatever limit you choose. You can opt for subtle like calf hair-covered heels and studs, or really decorative with shapes and objects.

Believe it or not, some of the more “mainstream” accents are now tortoise, bows, glitter, and mirrored heels. This trend may seem a little impractical, and some of the price tags are eye-popping, but don’t pass on it without at least trying on a few pairs. Part of the fun of these shoes involes choosing something out of the ordinary, but if you don’t go too far, you should be able to easily work a pair of these shoes into your wardrobe and even let them take you to work.


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