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[caption id="attachment_14540" align="alignright" width="300" caption="TOPSY TURBY: Turbans"]TOPSY TURBY: Turbans[/caption] Turbans. Even if you don’t like them enough to wear one yourself, you still gotta love them. I may still be a bit intimidated, but I love the way the look when I see them on my fellow fashionistas. I think they should be called “the little accessory that could.” Turbans have been popping in and out of fashion for several seasons, and I think this time they are going to make it. Turbans are stylish, cool, and it’s always nice to have one more remedy for a bad hair day. They are a perfect accessory for several of the hot trends that are going on. This season, top off just about any fabulous outfit with a turban. Turbans can be considered retro, with a definite ladylike feeling, but they can blend right in with a contemporary outfit and not miss a beat. I can’t help but think that spring 2012 is its season. In addition to the fact that so many big names like Ralph Lauren and Jason Wu have included this dramatic piece in their lines, the much-anticipated movie The Great Gatsby just might send it over the top. There are so many ways to wear one of these headpieces to achieve different looks; you can wear your hair loose, pulled back, or completely hidden away for the sake of drama or necessity. One tip: if you decide to add one of these very cool pieces to your wardrobe, be sure to take your makeup to the next level with a little more drama to match. Consider retro red lips, dark liner, and more intense eyes. It’s not a must, but it looks pretty fabulous. Another tip is to make sure you have all of the other trimmings, like interesting earrings, necklaces, and baubles on your wrists. You won’t have to worry if your turban is embellished; this season, there is no such thing as too much. Basic black is always a nice way to ease into things when you’re not sure you’re dying to try something, or go ahead and jump right in with both feet and choose one of this season’s bright colors to work this trend. Don’t be shy; this is the opportunity to rock that sequined turban you just had to have over the holidays or the very cool beaded piece you “borrowed” from a veteran fashionista in the family who lived through disco. [cjniche keywords="The Great Gatsby" listing="3"]


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