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When I first saw the hi-low skirts floating around, I'll be honest: I wasn't impressed. I thought they were a bit tacky, to be honest. But the hemline has really grown on me; it's now one of my favorites! Girls all over the place are sporting the look; from casual to formal, chiffon to taffeta. You can find hi-low hemlines on skirts, casual sundresses, and even prom dresses! It's a trend that definitely has to be done a certain way – sometimes, if the cut of the hem isn't just right, the skirt or dress can get really boxy really quick and widen out your hips considerably.

Hi-low skirts are really popular in the blogosphere in particular, on sites like Chictopia and Polyvore. Many bloggers have put out their own DIY versions to walk you through the process of creating your own skirt/dress. Here's a link to one really good tutorial; it's well illustrated and has clear instructions.

Just remember, you can always switch up the fabric, color, or length once you get the basic pattern down pat.

Hi-low skirts are extremely flattering in most cases. As I mentioned earlier, the cut needs to be just right: flow-y and drape-y, rather than blunt or boxy. Here's an example of what I consider to be a really well-cut hemline:

It's available from the online store Windsor for about $30. 

This next picture is of a hi-low skirt I think is a bit unflattering.  It's from Bloomingdale's, and I think the cut is really too square in the front. It can make your hips look boxier and wider than they truly are.

This hemline is popping up all over the place; loads of prom dresses this year are sporting it. Here's a dress from Raining Blossoms. 

It's a really pretty teal color, and the ruffles underneath add a bit of flow to the formal cut of the dress.

Hi-low dresses are pretty self-explanatory and can be styled with many kinds of shoes, like sandals, wedges, and they match an unlimited amount of accessories. I think hi-low skirts look best paired with fitted tops; they can be a little slouchy, but the general airiness of the bottom needs to have a pretty well-fitting top to balance out the proportions of the outfit. 


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