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If you weren't already aware, color giant Pantone recently declared tangerine as this season's biggest color. In light of that announcement, I thought I’d break down some really good orange-hued pieces, from clothing to shoes to bags and more! Orange can be flattering on any skin tone; you just have to pick the right shade. I'll include a couple of different shades so you can hopefully find one that suits you best. Personally, I love orange on dark skin tones, but I'm really fair, so I don't have that advantage. Orange can be done in large or small amounts; on bags, nails, even your hair! But no matter where you try it, this season's hottest color is bound to brighten up your day.

1. Nails - Bright orange nails can really liven up any basic manicure. The trick is picking a flattering color. I recommend oranges with lots of blue in them, or as a pastel. Avoid neon orange on your hands. Any color that is too bright can really highlight any flaws like dry skin and age spots that you may have. Here's a picture of a really pretty tangerine manicure done right. The color is “Tangerine Dream” by Becca. It's a little muted, not too overpowering, and so it flatters rather than highlights flaws.

2. Clothes - Bright orange looks good in little pops or big doses, provided you style it correctly. My favorite piece in my closet right now is a tangerine-colored dress that I have, and I always pair it with neutral shoes to keep the outfit from being too busy or fussy. The same rule applies to all bright hues; you should tone them down with at least one neutral piece. You can also use bright colors in small areas for just a pop of color. Here's an example of a top from Forever 21 that I'd use as an accent piece.

I'd probably pair it with high-waisted cutoffs, or really dark jeans, and maybe a blazer. I'd keep my shoes to a complementary color, probably not black, but a nude shade. You can also use tops this like in a color blocking outfit!

3. Bags - Bright colors often look good in a purse, too! You can generally wear a bright bag with almost any outfit, provided the added extra bit of color isn't overkill. I found this super-cute Michael Kors bag. I know, Kors is expensive, but you can find more affordable alternatives at places like TJ Maxx.

I love the simple, classy shape of this bag, and the detailed handles. I'd probably wear it with a classier outfit, maybe with a dress or blazer.

4. Hair - AH! Crazy, I know, but I've done it! I dyed my hair orange about a year ago, and absolutely loved it. Of course, you can always go with a more natural orange-red shade, like Florence Welch, or take a leaf out of Hayley Williams' book and go completely orange.

5. Shoes - Oh, the though of a good pair of wedges with tangerine in it...tempting my wallet as we speak. However, a good pair of heels is just as alluring, and I love these ones from Selve.

The little bit of pink is simply adorable! These heels are fun but classy, so you could wear them with jeans, a dress, a skirt, or anything in between.

Tangerine is showing all over the runway; I recently wrote an article featuring one of Vanessa Hudgen's orange Tibi dress. It's safe to say the color is here to stay, so I suggest trying it out anywhere you feel comfortable. 


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