Turquoise: A Fashionable Gem

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Bright colors of every shade are in for spring/summer 2012, but I think there is one color in particular that could be considered one of the official colors of warm weather each and every year – turquoise. According to what’s coming down the catwalks, on fashion magazine pages, and the mysterious fashion powers that be, turquoise is one of the “it colors” for warm weather 2012. Here, I’ll translate for you: “Everyone and anyone should be wearing this color, men and women included.” The color turquoise is available all year long. In winter you may have to look a little harder for it, but when the sun comes out on a regular basis, the color turquoise shows up in full force.

Both turquoise the gemstone and turquoise the color are showing up everywhere and on everything, like clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, and even nail polish. In addition to just being a pretty shade , turquoise is a perfect warm weather color because it has a cool and aquatic feel to it that just says summer. Most importantly, it’s flattering to almost every skin tone. I know tanning isn’t the best thing to do these days, but this color is stunning, especially when it’s against tanned skin.

Although turquoise is a beautiful color, I prefer to wear it as an accent. Instead of a dress or a lightweight trench, I’m more likely to wear a pair of shoes or carry an oversized handbag in this beautiful color. Turquoise looks nice with most neutrals and basic colors like white and black, but it’s also perfect for working this season’s hot color trend. Try pairing it with unusual colors like chartreuse, orange, or even coral. Another idea is to pair turquoise with any of this season’s hot reptile and animal prints like leopard and zebra.  

If you’re not feeling a turquoise garment, you can always opt for jewelry and other accessories. I am a huge fan of “traditional” turquoise jewelry that has an ethnic flavor, and for me the bigger, bolder, and the more odd-shaped the stones or beads, the better. One quick summer outfit idea is to dress all in one basic color, like black or white, and add some cool turquoise or turquoise-colored jewelry.

Thanks to various designers and fashion labels, there are several ways to work this gem into your wardrobe. There are shoes, hair accessories, and also belts with turquoise stone embellishments to choose from. Also consider turquoise as a bathing suit or cover-up choice.


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