Two Tones are Better Than One

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What’s better than a dress in a gorgeous color? A dress in two gorgeous colors. Believe it or not, shopping for a dress can be hard work. Having all of the options is nice, but the downside to having so many fabulous dress options is making a final selection. But ladies, you can breathe a sigh of relief, as help just arrived.

The two-toned dress is one of the latest trends of the season, and it’s arriving just in time to rescue fashionistas everywhere from their tragic dilemmas. My guess is this trend didn’t arrive on the scene to simply save fashionistas from having to make hard fashion choices, but hey, if it works, let’s just go with it.

Two-toned dresses were a big part of Victoria Beckham’s debut line early on in the year, but now just about every designer has included this interesting trend to their own lines. Now, I can picture your collective quizzical looks regarding this trend. Maybe you’re thinking, “Isn’t this color blocking?” Um, not really. Two-toned dresses are very similar to color blocking, but with color blocking, you have the option of more than two colors. Also, two-toned dresses can be made from a wider array for fabrics that can be draped, like silk, chiffon, and jersey.

Though I think it’s pretty, the two-toned trend isn’t one of my favorites, but it does blend in nicely with this year’s big love affair with color, and it has a fun retro feeling. Who knows, I may change my mind once we move further into the warmer weather.

One plus for this trend is its pretty versatile, since it can be found in just about every dress style and color combo, and it allows you to really work the color trend overtime.

Here’s a tip for the fuller-figured fashionista that I will be following myself if I decide to work this trend: When you choose this trend, it’s best to go with a lighter color on top and a darker color on the bottom to take advantage of the optical illusion it creates. You can definitely have fun with this trend. I suggest you take advantage and go for some unusual and unlikely color combos that you have been curious about. Choose one color you’re comfortable with and add something new. Black and white is always a safe choice, but the more daring fashionista may want to also check out a twist on this trend and try mixing patterns, too. 


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