Two Trends Collide: Floral Jeans

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One of the hottest and biggest fashion trends for spring 2012 is floral prints. Colorful floral prints in all shapes sizes and hues are giving flower power to clothing, shoes, and all kinds of accessories for spring/summer 2012. One of the freshest, most interesting floral pieces blooming this season is floral jeans.

I am a purist when it comes to denim, but this year I plan on giving in and adding a few pairs of these pretty pants to my wardrobe. Floral jeans were hot in the early ’90s, and boy are they are back. Floral jeans may be a bit kitschy, especially if you witnessed their last go around the fashion block, but just open any fashion magazine and take a look at all of the celebrity fashionistas who are working this trend. You may just find yourself adding more than one pair to your closet. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Minka Kelly, and Jessica Alba have all been spotted wearing these jeans.

One of my first thoughts is whether these prints will make me look “larger than life,” but most of them are actually ultra-flattering and slimming. It’s just a matter of choosing color combos, print size, and cut of the jeans. Treat this trend like you would your favorite jeans, or give a jean cut you have been curious about a try. A denim jean that would also be a fun retro look is a slim capri or a traditional straight leg. Don’t forget to roll them up so you can show off your shoes and add a bit of skin to celebrate the warm weather.

Most magazines and retailers who are showing this trend have styling ideas for you to try. You can’t go wrong with a black or white button-down or t-shirt, but with all of the fabulous other fashion trends for color and prints going on, this is the time to try out some of them and literally really mix things up a bit. Definitely take your cues from some of the many photos of celebrity fashionistas you will be seeing this season, but here are a few more fashion ideas and tips for outfits to try out.

Go wild and mix your prints:

Polka dots mixed with floral. Mixing prints is effective, especially when the pants and the top have the same colors mixed in.

Floral and stripes, like nautical navy and white stripes.

Mix your colors. Choose a color that is in the print and wear that color as a solid top. Mix with bright colors and prints.

Or play it safe with blue denim and black and white.

Don’t forget to add blazers, jackets, and pretty ladylike coats.


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