Working Up a Sweat in Style

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We’re five months into the year, and if you’re like me, your resolve to stick with a New Year’s vow to exercise more is slowly dwindling. Let’s face it, who wants to be slogging to the gym or even running outside when school’s winding down, the weather’s staying nice, and all we want to do is have a cookout without feeling guilty about missing treadmill time?

Well, you’ll get no arguments from me, because even though I’ve played every sport coming and going and still like to think of myself as moderately active, there are days when staying glued to the couch or relaxing on the front porch with a beer sound like much better alternatives to burning off my daily caloric intake. But as swimsuit season approaches, my incentive starts to ramp up a bit. Couple that with the opportunity to buy new workout clothes and you’ve almost sold me on devoting an hour to the nearest mountain run or Stairmaster. Here are some options for the active looking to jumpstart their workouts.

This JC Penny workout top and black yoga pants from Eye Candy stick to neutrals that favor any body type. They retail for only $15 and $13, respectively.

I’m more of a loose sweats or shorts kind of woman, so I’ll opt for Nike’s Tempo running shorts. They come in a number of different color combinations and never ride up, even during the most strenuous activities. I have them in shades of “mulberry” and “periwinkle” (Nike’s description, not mine) as well as a pair of Texas Longhorn ones.

As far as running shoes goes, it really depends on your preference. I’ve been hooked on Nike running shoes since around eighth grade, but I know a great many people who pledge their allegiance to Asics, New Balance, or Adidas when it comes to performance wear.


 For those willing to drop some dough on looking good while you’re huffing and puffing your way through that last set, check out North Face’s Better Than Naked gear. This shirt, with sweat-wicking technology, retails for $50, and these shorts from Under Armor, will keep you cool while working off that last of those holiday love handles.

We all fall off the wagon at one time or another when it comes to staying fit. But by viewing fitness through the lens of fashion, hopefully you can revitalize your interest in staying strong and healthy...and maybe fit into that bandeau-top bathing suit you’ve been eyeing.  


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