Will Miley Ever Grow Her Hair Back Out?

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Miley Cyrus got more media attention from her haircut in August than she did for announcing her engagement in June. Wow, right? It better have been an awesome haircut! Well, the polls are divided on whether people love or hate it, but that’s what is so awesome about it. So does Miley really love it enough to keep rocking this style for a while, or is she already onboard with growing it back out?

It looks like it’s here to stay for quite some time. In an interview with the Australian news source The Daily Telegraph, Miley assured everyone that she loves her hair and has no intentions of growing it out long again – ever.

“I could never see myself with long, long hair again. It was so much maintenance. This is so easy! It’s so nice,” Miley said while beaming.

This year, Miley has fully outgrown her childhood star image as Disney’s Hannah Montana and been recognized as the young adult she is. She started a Pilates routine that morphed her teenage body into full-on adult hottie status, and her fashion sense developed more into a recognizable style, including tights and crop tops that show off her incredibly toned mid-section.

With this metamorphosis. Miley started gradually changing her hair. First, she all but trademarked the casual topknot, sporting the simply up-do pretty much everywhere she went. In July, she suddenly cut her long hair to a shoulder-length bob and dyed her famous chestnut hair a super-light blonde – you know the color, the same one 90 percent of actresses in Hollywood have. Although the look was a big change from what she had been sporting, it still looked beautiful on her and not too out of the ordinary.

Apparently, the change wasn’t enough of a shocker for Miley, so in August, she went even shorter – and blonder. Miley teased her fans by tweeting that she was going to cut her bun off, and then her hairstylist tweeted a picture of him holding her bun between his scissors. Hours later, when Miley revealed her new look – a platinum pixie-ish style that is mostly a shaved head with a long tuft on top for styling in various directions, people were shocked.

The actress-singer stayed strong and hit back at any haters without batting an eye. She tweeted, "my dad @billyraycyrus used to tell me "opinions are are like ass holes every body has one" LOVE my hair ❤ feel so happy, pretty, and free."

Miley shared in her Daily Telegraph interview that, although her drastic haircut seemed to come out of nowhere for fans, she has been wanting to do something like it for years.

“I’ve wanted to cut my hair forever. About six years ago, we did an episode ["Hannah Montana"] where they made my hair look like Twiggy, and ever since I saw that, I’ve wanted to do it. But it was just getting the guts to take a razor and know that your hair doesn’t grow back overnight.”

Miley’s big cut is one in a series of gutsy haircuts among female celebrities. Willow Smith – the daughter of actor Will Smith – surprised fans by shaving her head last February, then later dying it green and pink; Lady Gaga shaved a reverse widow’s peak into the base of her head, tweeting that it was in honor of her favorite photographer and friend’s late mother; and various stars (Rihanna, former Spice Girl Mel B, Madonna’s daughter Lourdes, actress Selma Blair to name a few) have joined the trend of shaving just one section on the side of their head, then wearing their hair like a combover to show it off. Other celebrities, like model Amber Rose and actress Charlize Theron, said “screw it” and simply shaved their heads, proving bald can be very, very beautiful.

Whether I personally like Miley’s haircut or not, I give her major kudos for having the guts to do what she wants and wear it proudly. Miley is hardly the first celebrity to go out on a limb and try out a crazy new ’do, but for some reason she garnered a whole lot more attention and feedback for it than most. Perhaps it’s thanks to the social media world we live in and the young star’s penchant for tweeting her every move. She has engaged fans in her life and seems to love shocking them and keeping them on their toes with her tweet updates. 

Whatever your opinion on Miley is, there’s no denying she is a gorgeous girl. I absolutely love her confidence. At just 20 years old, Miley is bound to have numerous other hairstyles in her life, and I have no doubt they she will rock them all. Keep on keepin’ on, Miley.


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