Dave Grohl Denies Courtney Love’s Latest Outlandish Accusation

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Courtney Love is making some pretty outrageous and serious accusations against Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Love claimed via her private Twitter account on Tuesday that Grohl, 43, has hit on, and possibly slept with her 19-year-old daughter with the late Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean. Cobain and Grohl were in the band Nirvana together. The tweet read, "I hear from frannies roommate that @davegrohl hit on frances, and that she was curious , I'm not mad at her, him i am about to shoot, dead."

Grohl, of course, is denying that there is any truth in the accusation. "Unfortunately Courtney is on another hateful twitter rant. These new accusations are upsetting, offensive and absolutely untrue," Grohl’s publicist told Gawker. Love continued to repeatedly tweet threats directed at Grohl Tuesday, taking several shots at him including calling him "sexually obsessed" with Kurt. Love also claimed that Grohl had tried to sleep with her in the past. In a particularly personal punch, Love also suggested that Grohl named his daughter Violet after one of Love's most well-known songs of the same title. Further demonstrating that there is nothing off limits to Love, she included the comment that "he had that rape thing about him." Love’s response to his denial?Dave's a piece of sh*t, but he's a really good drummer. You can quote me on that," the always-outspoken Love told the New York Daily News. The rivalry between Love and Grohl is nothing new to Nirvana fans. The two have been at odds over Nirvana’s royalties since the band’s frontman – and Love’s husband – Cobain committed suicide in 1994. Love seems awfully sure of her accusations, despite never witnessing the alleged action first hand. Love claims her sources include her daughter’s roommate and a driver, who say Grohl's hands were "all over [Frances}." In addition to her incredibly sketchy history, Love adds to her incredibility by strangely referring to Cobain in the present tense. "[Frances] gave [Grohl] serious shade. It's natural she'd be curious to find out why I don't like him, and why her father doesn't." Love also added, "I'm sure Frances can take care of herself because she is of age, and I love her and want her to live her life." The one individual who could clear this whole thing up pretty quickly is not likely to come forward to agree with or deny her mother’s claims, as Frances Bean has always notoriously stayed away from the media. We’ll be watching with everyone else to see how this all plays out.


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