Gisele and Tom Brady

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Last week, Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundchen requested that fans pray for her husband on one of the most “important days” of his life. Many might understand if her husband were a firefighter or policeman, but as her spouse, who she referred to as “Tommy,” is Tom Brady, the quarterback for the New England Patriots, such a request instead set her up for a large helping of ridicule. The important day was, of course, the Super Bowl. Pray for Tom he needs your prayersThe situation went from bad to worse when the Patriots lost to the New York Giants 21-17 on Sunday. The leggy bombshell was seen comforting her disconsolate husband, who reportedly was so shaken by the loss, he spent 20 minutes staring at the floor in the locker room. Brady's statements to the press suggested pride in the Patriots’ performance but a deep disappointment in the outcome of the game. In an interview with, the quarterback stated, “You know, we fought to the end. You know, we're very proud of that. Just came up a little short.” One can only speculate that Brady's teammates were at one time envious of his marriage to Gisele, a Victoria's Secret model. This might no longer be the case after Bundchen was unknowingly caught on video blaming her husband's receivers for the crushing loss in Indianapolis, saying “My husband cannot f----ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times.” Many believe that Gisele's harsh words have broken an unspoken code, this being that the Patriots are a “brotherhood” and just as they win as a team, they also lose as a team. Source:  1 Source:  2


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