Johnny Depp Reveals Some of His Character Inspirations

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Johnny Depp is arguably the most eccentric actor in Hollywood – and women simply love him for it. It seems that no matter how strange Depp makes his characters, the fans respond enthusiastically.

Depp made his first-ever appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, looking every bit the character that is his public persona. The 48-year-old actor layered a pinstriped vest over a black short-sleeved shirt and accessorized with multiple leather bracelets, necklaces, rings, and his signature purple shaded round glasses. His multiple tattoos on his arms were also exposed.

Depp was on the show promoting his new film Dark Shadows, which is based on the ABC soap opera from the 1960s. Dark Shadows comes out in theaters this weekend.

Ellen got right down to business, talking with Depp about what many fans are curious about (since he’s happily married, any of those questions are irrelevant) – how he develops his unique and quirky characters.

Depp said he usually knows within the first ten pages of reading a script if there is something he can “add to the piece that might not have been done before.”

Then, much to the audience’s delight, Depp offered up a fun example: “I imagined what George Bush would be like incrediblly stoned, and thus was born my version of Willy Wonka.”

Ellen also inquired about the inspiration for one of Depp’s breakout roles – at least in his  participation in Tim Burton films – Edward Scissorhands.

Depp said the iconic character was a combination of a newborn “seeing things for the first time” and a puppy he once had that showed total “unconditional love.”

He then added, “There was something very safe to being that open to things and seeing things as, you know, very new.”

Using one of his most popular roles – Captain Jack Sparrow – as an example, Ellen complimented Depp on his ability to add humor to all of his characters.

 “I’m a really sucker for any moment where you can find a moment of irreverence or absurdity. I’ll stick it right in there – sometimes to the dismay of the director,” Depp admitted.

Although it seems Depp can play any character thrown at him, there is one thing he does not do – dance. “I fear it more than anything in the world,” Depp said, before adding, “I’d rather swallow a bag of hair.”


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