Katy Perry Keeping Busy and Looking Good

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Maxim does a pretty good job of finding the hottest women and talking them into posing for their cover. Well, they didn’t disappoint this month; Katy Pery adorns the current cover of Maxim wearing all (sheer) black, with short black hair and smoky eyes to match.

Perry has certainly been keeping herself busy since her divorce earlier this year from British comedian Russell Brand. The 27-year-old singer is currently working on more music and preparing for the release of her 3-D movie on July 5.

She’s also enjoying seeing herself as a cartoon, as a Katy Perry Sims character was made for the Sims 3 expansion pack.

"I actually identify more as a gamer than people would think. I’m not typic­ally up late playing games that involve massacring people, but The Sims is my vibe because it’s an alternate reality. I feel like a cartoon anyway, and now I’m a Sim!” Perry then joked, “And, yes, you can tailor the size of a female Sim’s chest.”

Perry also ventured into the world of cartoons when she voiced Smurfette in 2011 film The Smurfs.

Perry’s first number one single was “I Kissed a Girl,” from her 2008 album One of the Boys. Perry’s 2010 album, Teenage Dream, produced five number one hits: “California Girls,” “Teenage Dream,” “Firework,” “E.T.,” and “Last Friday Night (TGIF).” Perry was the first female in history to have an album with that many number ones. The only male to do so was Michael Jackson. Most recently, in February, she just got her seventh number one single with “Part of Me.

"It’s like the record that never ends!” Perry said excitedly about Teenage Dream. “I definitely did one of those ‘I’m not the father’ dances from the Maury Povich show. It feels awesome!"

No worries about Perry having let her fame go to her head, though. She openly admitted that not everyone in the world knows who she is and loves her music. She explained to Maxim that she expanded upon Teenage Dream because, “Originally, I could only put 12 songs on it, so I had to leave a few off. I don’t want to be an entitled b***h who thinks everyone knows who I am. There are still people who are discovering me, so it was like, look, if you haven’t jumped in with me yet, here’s your last chance!”



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