Mena Suvari’s Ex Requesting Asinine Spousal Support Payments

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American Pie cutie Mena Suvari has referred to her recent divorce as “weeding her garden,” and I’m going to have to agree that alluding to her estranged husband as a weed may be pretty appropriate. Mena’s ex, Simone Sestito, is requesting a ridiculous $17,000 per month in spousal support.

In court documents filed just days ago, Simone stated he needs the requested monthly payments to deal with his incredible debt. He stated he has “negative balances” on both personal and business accounts, having no choice but to pay them with credit cards and loans from his parents. 

The documents stated Simone became accustomed to eating out “almost everyday at high-end restaurants” and now has acquired an expensive $3,000 a month dining habit.

Um…how is this your ex-wife’s fault or problem, dude?

Mena's lawyer, Mark Gross, told TMZ, "It is unfortunate that Simone has chosen the spotlight of litigation over the privacy of mediation."

Like many people with debt of this nature, Simone does not see an error in his own ways, instead placing the blame on others. Who is an easier target than his rich ex-wife?

Simone also claims Mena makes an impressive $750,000 annually. He also cited that she made $225,000 just for one ad campaign she did for Captain Morgan rum. Good for her, but once again, why should she owe him anything for his failed business attempt and money mismanagement?

Based on his financial requests, it seems apparent what Simone saw in Mena, but what the heck did she see in him? The two met in 2007 at the Toronto Film Festival and were engaged a year later. After a long engagement, they married in June of 2010 in a private church in Vatican City. This was a second marriage – and now second divorce – for the 33-year-old American Beauty Actress.

Mena recently told the Daily Mail, "There are many reasons why things don't work out," she explained without going into the details, "and I think at some point you have to acknowledge that and work towards maintaining your own happiness. You have to surround yourself with people who love you and want the best for you. I call this process weeding my garden." 

She also admitted, "I mean honestly, I never thought that at 33 I'd be a two-time divorcee." 

As hard as a divorce must be, I somehow think she may be better off without this weed in her garden. Simone calculated the odd number of $17,151 for his requested monthly spousal report from Mena, as well as $10,000 for attorney fees.

Although a judge has not yet ruled, I don’t think the inevitable “Keep dreaming” will surprise anyone.


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