Snooki is Latest Pregnant Star to Don Ridiculou High Heels

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We look to the Hollywoodstars frequently for the current fashion trends, but this latest one looks as ridiculous as it is impractical. Several starlets in varying stages of pregnancy have been spotted in ankle-breaking high heels. We’re of the mindset of “anything for fashion” as much as the next person, but c’mon! The line must be drawn at a fashion that potentially puts an unborn baby at risk. Especially when flats are all the rage right now. Most recently, the pint-sized Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was spotted on Tuesday in what are estimated to be six-inch hot pink wedges, which still only made the star barely over five feet tall. Somehow, the 15-week pregnant Snooki managed to traipse all over town in a shopping spree on those hideous shoes. In two separate talk show appearances in the past week, Jessica Simpson also waddled across the stage in six-inchers. Simpson’s feat, however, may be the most impressive, as she is nearly nine months pregnant, with a belly so big, it sparked rumors of twins! The almost-mama wore fire engine red heels from her own signature fashion line on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, proudly lifting her leg to show them off to the cameras. Donning comparatively more conservative black six-inchers for her interview with Jay Leno, Simpson expressed a love for high heels and said she plans to continue forcing herself to keep wearing them in public. Does she hear herself? “It’s a tough thing here and I’m wearing six-inch heels, it’s a lot of weight to carry on six inches,” Simpson told Leno. Perhaps the trend came from overseas with the queen of fashion, Victoria Beckham, who made headlines last year for wearing towering navy Christian Louboutin heels to match her self-designed dress to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Let’s just hope Lady Gaga doesn’t get knocked up before this trend passes, as her take-it-to-the-line-and-then-cross-it-anyway attitude toward fashion already has us worried.  


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