Time To Give Up On Mel?

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I used to be a Mel Gibson fan. I mean, I saw Braveheart in high school and thought he was a god of an actor. He made me cry – in the “Wow, he’s such a great actor” kind of way. But lately, Mel has simply disappointed me, and is frankly starting to disgust me.

Mel’s temper has gotten the best of him once again. The 56-year-old actor was secretly audiotaped during one of his fits of anger in his own home, once again using racial slurs against Jewish people, and still the actor sat smugly on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno over the weekend and blamed someone else. Really Mel?!

Mel appeared on The Tonight Show on Friday looking well-dressed, calm, and smiling…but then he ruined it by talking. Wasting no time in the interview, Mel opened by sarcastically saying he always enjoys being on The Tonight Show because “When you guys get me here and tape me, you let me know you’re going to do that upfront.”

Jay seemed surprised that Mel would bring up his latest controversy, but ever the talk show host, Jay went with it and encouraged Mel to open up about the situation. It was clear that Mel was still angry, as his voice dripped with annoyance and sarcasm while explaining how Joe Eszterhas had been hired to write a screenplay specifically for Mel, a film called The Maccabees, but after 14-15 months it still wasn’t done. Mel lost his cool at his home one evening and ripped Eszterhas a new one. Meanwhile, Eszterhas’ 15-year-old son covertly used his iPhone to tape Mel’s rant.

To give Mel a bone here, it is a bit unfair to be unknowingly taped in your own home, as we all do things we would probably be embarrassed about if the world were to see. He was also put on the defense by a scathing nine-page letter saying things such as Mel “hates Jews,” which Eszterhas released online prior to releasing the audiotape. 

"If he put half as much time and effort and creativity and imagination into a screenplay, which he was supposed to write, as he did into that letter, we wouldn't be having this conversation," Gibson said about Eszterhas.

Rather than feeling sorry for the way he handled things, Mel maintains that his privacy was violated and his actions were “justified.”

"So what were you doing, just swearing at the guy?" Jay asked feigning innocence while asking about the rant.

"Yeah, pretty much," Mel responded in joking deadpan manner, before facetiously adding, "Maybe you don't know this about me, but I've got a little bit of a temper."

We do know that about you now Mel, actually, since you keep reminding us publically that you not only have “a bit of a temper,” but you are unable to control it and seem to have little respect for other human beings. I’ve been holding my breath for a few years now, hoping to witness Mel’s humble and sincere public apology and subsequent rise back to the top. However, I’m getting dizzy from lack of oxygen and think it’s time to just give up on ol’ Mel.


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