Usher’s Ex-Wife Fears He’ll Leave Her Homeless

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Tameka Foster has finally learned that beggars can’t be choosers – or threaten to eff people up.

When Usher, 33, and Tameka Foster’s marriage first crumbled in 2009, Foster felt confident enough to threaten to kill Usher and his new girlfriend. It’s taken awhile, but Foster finally offered up a half-admission to the threat – while under oath in the courtroom.

When Usher’s lawyer inquired about Foster’s threaten to kill his client and his girlfriend, Foster responded that she didn’t threaten to “kill” them but, "I probably have said, out of anger, say 'I will f**k you up' and that is not acceptable." Foster also admitted that what she said could be interpreted as a threat. Is she suggesting there is any other way to interpret that?

Foster insisted she was made angry enough to make such comments only because Usher was “gallivanting” around town with his new gal pal, which greatly embarrassed Foster because they live in a small community.

Nowadays, however, Foster has backed off and realized she is not in a position to be making threats. Foster and Usher are currently fighting a nasty battle in a Georgia courtroom over the custody of their two children and alimony payments.

Foster resides in the couple’s former family home, a sprawling mansion in Georgia. According to their divorce settlement, Usher can sell the mansion any time he wishes; he just needs to give Foster a 60-day notice.

This, of course, has Foster scared, and she is requesting in court that the home be made permanent for her and her children. Usher is getting tired of being taken for all that he is worth and is fighting the request.

Foster and Usher’s has always been tumultuous. He proposed to her in 2007, and they had planned a luxurious wedding in July; they cancelled the event and instead married in a private ceremony in August. Usher filed for divorce from Foster in 2009.

Foster has five children in total. She has one son from when she was a teenager, two sons with Atlanta clothier Ryan Glover, and two sons with Usher.

Usher received a good deal of negativity from his fans and family about his relationship with, and eventual marriage to, Foster. "I decided to marry this woman, then I decide to be a father to my child," Usher told the Associated Press in 2008. "...It's not like I got caught with a gram of coke in my car or speeding or was caught for murder, so why would I be ridiculed, that's why I don't understand – that's the part that is mind-boggling. Why would I be ridiculed for that, even a year later?"

We’re wondering if Usher would still say the same thing today. A judge is expected to rule on the house issue by the end of May.


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