What Whitney Wore: Whitney Houston Memorabilia Goes Up for Auction

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Now that she is no longer with us, I imagine lots of people are safely tucking away their favorite Whitney Houston CDs and albums. People who attended her concerts may even have programs or ticket stubs they will want to keep in a safe place. Whitney Houston had a voice that dazzled our ears and souls, and she always wowed us with fabulous costumes onstage and in films. I think it’s way too early, and am not sure if they should do this at all, but Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills will have 13 pieces that belonged to Whitney Houston up for sale. I am all for the exhibit, but I think the auction is inappropriate, especially if it’s merely for profit. Several other voices on the internet have chimed in with their opinions, and you can read more here:  time.com It’s a little murky what the plans are for the proceeds, and I completely agree with the museum idea. Julien of Julien’s Auctions is quoted: “It proves a point that these items, they’re an investment. You buy items just like a stock. Buy at the right time and sell at the right time, and they just increase in value. It is a celebration of her life. If you hide these things in fear that you’re going to offend someone ... her life is to be celebrated. These items are historic now that she passed. They become a part of history. They should be in museums. She had lived a life and had a career that nobody else has ever had.” You can check out the site and bid online or attend the free public exhibition beginning March 19.  juliensauctions.com


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