Five Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks

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Nothing’s better than kicking back in the summertime with a delightfully refreshing beverage in your hand – and today we have some yummy recipes that are also family-friendly (code: Not a drop of alcohol in these beverages – unless you want to add some!). Try out these simple drinks for summertime entertaining, a sun-soaked picnic, or just a quiet night on the back porch.

1. Basil Lemonade: Sure, lemonade is an old standby when it comes to summer beverages – hello, lemonade stands, anyone? – but this concoction is an interesting update on the classic. You start by combining basil leaves and sugar. The recipe calls for you to “crush the leaves with sugar until thoroughly bruised,” which helps bring out the flavor of the basil. Then just add water and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Before serving, pour the mixture through a fine strainer and chill over ice. The beverage is refreshing and delicious in its natural simplicity.

2. Summer Elderflower Drink: For many people, this drink is unfamiliar; that makes it a fun option for summer entertaining. Mix up the usual party or picnic drink repertoire with something new to impress your guests. I found this recipe on Design Sponge via Pinterest, and I was instantly drawn in to the idea of a beverage infused with the flavor of flowers. You just need club soda, lemon, mint, and elderflower syrup, which is available at IKEA and online, to fix this drink.

3. Orange Fizz: It’s summer, and for me, nothing tastes better in the warm weather than something fruity, fizzy and flavorful. An Orange Fizz fits the bill. It’s also a super-easy drink to make, so you can have it any time. Just combine orange juice, lemon juice, and tonic water according to this kid-friendly recipe.

 4. Frozen Hot Chocolate: You don’t have to head to Serendipity 3 in New York to experience the magic that is frozen hot cocoa. Make the brainfreeze-inducing shake with this recipe. Just be sure to save this one for dessert – the sweet treat packs a creamy punch with chocolate, whipped cream, and sugar.

5. Watermelon Limeade: Why not combine two of the yummiest flavors of the season into one refreshing juice? Watermelon Limeade is another twist on a classic summertime drink, and it’s a delicious treat that’s also guilt-free with this skinny recipe.


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