Three Classic (and Crazy?) Cleanses to Clear Up Your Body

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1. The Master Cleanse: If you read Us Weekly, you’ve probably heard of the Master Cleanse at some point. It’s an extreme dieting tactic utilized by body-conscious celebs to slim down quickly – either for roles or, you know, just the average Tuesday night jaunt to the Chateau Marmont. Paparazzi photos can be unforgiving.

This modified juice fast, also known as the “Maple Syrup Diet” or the “Lemon Juice Cleanse,” is notoriously tough. Basically all you consume for an extended period of time is water with fresh lemon juice, a drop of maple syrup and a pinch of cayenne pepper – absolutely no food is allowed.

The cleanse was developed back in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs, but it was revitalized in Hollywood in the ’70s when Burroughs released new books on the subject. Supposedly, the Master Cleanse detoxifies the body and removes excess fat, though there’s no scientific proof to back that up. Though celebrities like Beyoncé have had success slimming down with the cleanse, for the Average Jane, the extremely restrictive diet can lead to unpleasant side effects like dizzy spells, major crankiness, dehydration, loss of muscle mass, and obnoxiously frequent trips to the ladies’ room.

2. The Pineapple Lung Cleanse: Unlike most diets, this popular cleanse isn’t intended to clear up your skin or help you drop 20 pounds. But it does promise to help you breathe like you’re standing on top of the Alps in spring swirling around like happy-go-lucky Maria (pre-Nazi drama, obviously). Some health gurus believe pineapple is the key to cleanse your lungs. The enzyme bromelain, found in pineapple, helps get rid of intestinal worms from your lung pores, so you can breathe easier. All you have to do is eat pineapple, pineapple, and more pineapple. Chomp down on the yellow stuff as much as you want for three to seven days, combined with ginger tea (delish), yoga (relaxing!), and frozen castor oil capsules (vom!). In the end, your lungs amp up at oxygenating your blood, so your breathing will improve.

3. The Raw Food Cleanse: Eating raw is a movement that’s only recently come to the forefront of mainstream culture. This is largely thanks to exposure in the form of trendy raw restaurants, mentions of the diet in television shows – we call remember where Samantha met Smith on Sex and the City – and confessions from celebrity raw devotees in the pages of popular magazines. For some, eating raw is a lifestyle: Much like vegetarians or vegans, those with the raw food philosophy live day by day under the guidelines that they won’t eat anything cooked over 118 degrees Fahrenheit. But for others, the principles can simply be applied to a short-term dietary change-up to cleanse the body and reboot your system.

The belief behind the raw food cleanse is that vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from plant-based foods are destroyed once food is cooked over 118 degrees. The motivation is to get the most nutrients possible and get more in touch with natural food a la the Caveman days, before man could figure out that complicated rub-two-sticks-together thing. Forget anything processed; this cleanse is all about eating earthy uncooked food, be it leafy greens, veggies or meat. Proponents claim the cleanse will increase your stamina and mental clarity. 


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