Where Does SNL Go From Here

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As I am sure most of you know by now, the season finale of SNL was Bill Hader's last episode, and Bill Hader was one of the last of the really good cast members from the late 2000s (Andy Samberg, Bill Hader, Kristen Wiig). His departure has led a lot of folks to wonder where SNL will go from here.Read More »

Suz vs. The Ants

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I was going to write about a serious discussion I had over the weekend, but then there were ants.

Anyone who lives in California for any length of time has had to deal with ants. I am of the opinion that the state is built on a giant anthill, which will one day open up and consume us, much the way California was consumed by the Pacific Ocean in 2012…but with more legs and antennae.Read More »

Damn Kids These Days

The web makes global domination too easy.
The web makes global domination too easy.

In my day, if you liked someone, you had to actually be around him or her. You had to actually win them over by being charming and charismatic. If you wanted directions, you had to call a place or person and ask how to get there, or worse, study a map. If you wanted music, you had to listen to the radio and hope the song you liked randomly came on, which it never did. You would have to buy an entire album just to get at one song that you liked.

Those were just a few of the character-building situations faced by members of Generation X.Read More »

Suz vs. The Two-Year-Old

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I have always quietly suspected children were, in fact, small demons.

That joyful twinkle in their eyes? Merely an interpretation of what is actually an unholy glimmer. Those cute, chubby cheeks? That’s where they store the flesh of their enemies. Their warm little hands? Sticky and groping, ready to destroy all of your electronics and everything nice in your home. Their darling, joyful giggles? That’s a rouse so you don’t realize they’re sucking the life out of you.Read More »

Death Star Project Denied; Millions Mourn

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I had a dream in time gone by

Of Death Stars floating and TIEs flying

I signed the petition as a rebel spy

But now my bitter tears are drying

…now Paul Shawcross has killed the dream I dreamed

“I Dreamed of Death Stars” from the Rebel Alliance Players’ performances of LES STAR WARSERABLESRead More »

Is Britney Moving to Vegas?

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Britney Spears isn’t wasting any time checking off her New Year’s Resolutions: Quit job – check! Drop fiancé – check! Start working in Vegas as a showgirl (okay, a girl with her own show…slightly different) – working on it!Read More »

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