Conversations to Have in Person

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I know that in the world of texting, email, and Facebook/Twitter, it can seem a bit unnecessary or superfluous to have some conversations in person. There are those who argue that these social media tools affect our ability to have conversations at all. I am neither agreeing nor disagreeing with that position, but I will say that some people seem to have lost the ability to decide whether or not to communicate face-to-face.Read More »

Freshman Forum: Boxcar Voices

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In the name of being a good, well-rounded student, I have endeavored to get a little more involved on campus. I know I’ve preached about how getting involved can change the way you look at college, and that’s true! It’s just that because I’ve been doing a university show, so I haven’t been able to spare a lot of time in the evenings for different events. But now that the show has wrapped, I can branch out a bit.Read More »

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PSY Style

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We’re all sick of “Gangnam Style” (so is PSY, actually,) but no one is tired of Psy’s Gangnam style, fashion-wise. His bright tuxedo jackets, bow-ties, and old school sunglasses sparked a goofy Halloween costume trend, but what if you used his signature look as inspiration for your holiday party look? It could look great for an ultra-stylish office outfit, or you could look fierce to meet for drinks.Read More »

Green Your Bathroom

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You recycle and bring a reusable bag to the grocery store, but what can you do to go green in the bathroom? The shampoo and sanitary products you use, the uses you get out of your razor blade, your cleaning products, and even the way some of your products are dispensed can effect the environment. Switching to more earth-friendly options won’t just help Mother Nature – it may have benefits for your wallet and your health as well.Read More »

Faux Real

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Leather is everywhere this season, but it can get pretty expensive and may not fit into your ethical views. Lucky for all of us, pleather, leatherette, and Naugahyde are just as readily available and they look better than ever. Man-made leather no longer has to mean that your pants will feel like your grandmother’s vinyl tablecloth. Faux leather looks great, feels good, and is affordable, so why not look at what it has to offer?Read More »

Ask Melissa!

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It’s holiday season again, and I know that I am supposed to be happy, but I’m just not. I don’t have much family or a lot of friends, and the holidays just seem to remind me of how alone I am. I feel guilty about being such a downer during this time of the year. Is there anything I can do?

Believe it or not, the holiday season can be a difficult and sad time for many of us. The holiday spirit may be to feel joy and gratitude for everything that we have, but sometimes this time of year can be a reminder of what we do not have and what we are missing in our lives.Read More »

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