Brad Pitt’s Man Mane Is Back!

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Is anyone else totally stoked that Brad Pitt’s hair is long again?  I’ve been seeing all the headlines speculating that Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding is nearing, and sure, I’m happy for him (if it’s even true), but I’m too distracted by his long locks to think about much more.Read More »

Just How Fab is

in category of Fashion, Jordan Alexis describes itself as “a personalized shopping experience that gives you access to celebrity stylists and their hottest picks.” It combines the convenience of online shopping with the luxury of having a personal shopper – tempted yet?Read More »

The Diet-Restriction Gift Guide

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When we think of gift-giving, we picture presenting the loved ones we know well with carefully selected items. In real life, we’re often left scrambling looking for a gift for someone we barely know. I blame Secret Santa, which I both love and hate. While I love simplifying the season by only having to buy one gift, I hate that the act of randomly choosing a name out of a hat often results in being assigned a person you barely know.Read More »

My Favorite Secrets

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The airing of the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is nearly upon us, so I thought I’d preview a couple of my favorite looks for you. I am completely transfixed on some of the gorgeous outfits presented at the show. Of course, I’m completely puzzled by some of the other looks. A couple of them look like they belonged in a Dr. Suess book.Read More »

Pump Some Iron

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Are you feeling tired and weak? Has your work performance decreased? You might not be getting enough iron.Read More »

Yoko Ono’s Bizarre Line

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Do you need a bell on your belt? How about the outline of a hand on your crotch? Polka dots on your nipples? Open-toe thigh-high boots with crystal studs and side pockets? You’re in luck, because Yoko Ono has all of those things in her new fashion line! Did I mention it’s for men? It is.Read More »