The Best Costume Dramas of All Time

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Creating a wonderful costume drama is hard work. First of all, costume dramas are almost always set in another time, country, or both. You have to find a balance between a compelling story and accurate representation of the era you’re depicting. Secondly, you must commit a great deal of resources into the frills—costumes (obviously), sets, CGI, etc. Not all TV shows can do this well, but some pull off the whole shebang. If you like escaping to another time or place, consider the following shows as your best options. 1)      Game of Thrones – This show is relatively young and, luckily, still airing. It airs on HBO, but there’s still a little over a month until it premieres, so you have time to subscribe! It’s about a medieval struggle for power between three families in a fantasy-land. Superb acting, edgy storytelling, and gorgeous costumes and setting make this opulent drama a hole in one. 2)      The Tudors – Airing for four short seasons on Showtime, this drama has been accused of taking one too many liberties when it comes to plot. Be that as it may, only the true English historians will take offense at most of their decisions. For the rest of us, the details are lost in the extremely compelling story of King Henry the VIII and his wives. Anne Boleyn’s tale is compelling in any format, and she looks as fierce as any supervillain of our time in her tight corsets. 3)      Rome – Taking place well before either of the other two shows (regarding Game of Thrones, this is at least in spirit), Rome is a nonstop adventure. Though this show is violent and intense, it’s also captivating. What’s more, though the cast wears less clothes (this IS Rome, after all), they are just as successful in evincing a realistic portrayal of Roman times with their garb. Tune in for the scantily clad cast, but stay for the amazing stories.


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