Need a Chic Tweak?

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I keep hearing the word “chic” in almost every discussion I have about fashion, and I don’t think anyone knows what it means! If you think chic means dressing in only the most expensive clothes, you’re wrong. If you think it means only dressing in ways that make you look sexy, you’re still wrong. Being chic is about looking sophisticated, but not arrogant. You don’t want people to describe your outfit as flashy or exuberant. In fact, no single word can tackle chic (except the word itself). If I had to describe a truly chic outfit, I would likely say something like “It’s obviously couture, but not over the top. I appreciate the accents, but it’s still minimal. It’s sexy, but not too revealing. It looks expensive, but I don’t know if it actually was. It’s kind of retro, but still fashion-forward and unmistakably modern. It looks simple, but she obviously put a lot of work into it.”

See what I mean? If you don’t, that’s OK. You’ll get there. All you need to do is shop and dress with a mission. Say, for example, you want to dress French. This is actually a great example, because chic is a French word, and anyone who has gone to Paris  can tell you that EVERYONE dresses chicly there, regardless of the time of day, event, sex, or scene. Anyway, back to the mission. You want to dress French (AKA chic)? Well, you can’t just throw on a beret or tailor a shirt. You need to make sure that everything you buy is in line with this vision of how you want to look. Only buy something that evokes feelings of French (chic) fashion. If it doesn’t add anything to your wardrobe, don’t buy it! In order to really rock a chic ensemble, you need to WANT to wear it. If you’re only complacent, that’s how you’ll look. If you’re excited to look your best in a blouse, you’ll go the extra mile to look your best.  For instance, a classic Parisian garment is a loose-weave sweater.  Say you pick one up (which, why wouldn’t you? Alexander Wang has an AMAZING brown number that came out last spring, and you can probably find it half-off right about now). Regardless of hue, a loose-weave sweater will kill in the chicness department. Next, grow from there. What pants would add to this? Don’t just say “Oh, I’ll get some jeans, they go with anything.” Instead, try on jeans with this top and then be choosy. If you’re worried about money, then don’t start all over with your next item. Instead, find another top that will go well with those jeans, and then jeans that will go well with BOTH the tops you’ve bought. Doing so will create numerous outfits for you to mix and match in a very organic way! Best of all, everything you own will be…you guessed it…chic! 


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