Rock 'n Roll, Man! Bonnaroo is coming up soon!

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There are many things that accompany summer: ice cream trucks, romance, beach trips, and music festivals. One of the most popular music festivals is Bonnaroo, the annual jam session/camping trip. I'm lucky enough to live quite close to Bonnaroo, as it's in Coffee County in Tennessee. Bonnaroo is a really awesome place to be – grab some tickets and pitch a tent, park a camper, and listen to all the great artists attending; so many genres are represented, I guarantee you'll love something!

The idea of mass music festivals has been around for a really long time – Summer of Love, anybody? This particular jam session got its start in Tennessee as the Itchycoo Park Festival 1999. It was something of a prelude to today's Bonnaroo, and when it went bankrupt, the latter was born in 2002. Every year Bonnaroo has existed, it's sold out tickets – somewhere above 70,000 of them a year.

In its beginning, the festival included mostly jam bands, but has subsequently broadened the spectrum. Last year, Swedish pop icon Robyn gave a performance, as well as the indie rock group The Black Keys, and rapper Lil' Wayne. As the music has grown more diverse, so have the people attending, but one thing is for certain: the festival's staff tries to keep everyone happy and sociable, so the crowd isn't badly behaved. People are encouraged to camp away from the main stages, because the longer walk means more socializing. Measures like these help make Bonnaroo a great place to gather and listen to music, and to share the summer experience with many others.

This year is just like any other at the festival, jam-packed with great artists and lots of fun stuff to do. It's going to be held June 7-10, in Manchester, Tennessee. Groups that are performing include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, The Beach Boys, Grouplove, and The Kooks. Organizations like The Academy will be present to give presentations on all sorts of areas, like belly dancing, acting, percussion, and gardening. These are interactive lessons that allow festivalgoers to learn more about great hobbies and activities. The festival also boasts a 24-hour movie theater that shows all kinds of movies: romance, action, and more! It's a great way to get out of the heat, too, because it's air-conditioned. I'd love to walk around all day listening to music, and catch a movie at one in the morning. Sounds like so much fun!

Food and drink are also available in many tents (and of course alcoholic beverages as well), from places like Food Truck Oasis and the Miller Lite lounge. Campers are also encouraged to bring their own food and water containers.

Bonnaroo is an integral summer experience. It's full of sun, good music, and opportunities to learn. I would definitely recommend attending, whether you're 18 or 81! There's always room to grow, enjoy others' company, and listen to great tunes. 


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