Style and TV – A Tenuous Relationship

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Whenever I turn on the TV anymore, I can’t help but notice what my beloved characters are wearing. Sometimes, it’s as simple as “Oh wow, Sofia Vergara looks so beautiful. Again.” But other times, I get a bit concerned. I am perpetually wondering if TV is at fault for so many of America’s economic problems right now. This may seem like a bit of a jump, but hear me out. Unrealistic portrayals of middle class American life has been a problem for a couple of decades now. Remember Friends? Monica and Rachel’s huge, beautiful Greenwich Village apartment would have easily cost something like $3,000 a month (and that’s then, not now), yet Monica and Rachel never seemed to have any kind of trouble affording it. Both were able to boast pretty impressive careers by the conclusion of the show, but in the beginning, a constant topic was the fact that they were both broke. They both spent considerable time as waitresses, and were also unemployed for brief periods, but the rent was never in doubt. The same can be seen nowadays on many TV shows when it comes to clothing. For instance, let’s head back to Modern Family. Yes, it’s likely that Jay was a successful businessman, but could he really afford to pay for Gloria’s shopping sprees at the most posh stores in LA? Or we can look to something like The Vampire Diaries, in which its characters are supposedly teenagers who can’t work, but they look like they just stepped off the catwalk inParis. I’m not saying that TV shows shouldn’t try to look good, and there’s definitely something to be said for creating a romantic, sexy, stylish universe to draw viewers in, but how much is too much? The middle class is hurting, and as more and more of pop culture revolves around the rich and powerful, should the media take it upon themselves to lend some support to the middle class? I fear our children will grow up feeling more entitled than today’s young people already are. What’s next, The Real Housewives of every city out there?


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