Super Skinny Legs Peeking Out = Unhealthy Fad

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What is up with the twiggy leg thrust poses on the red carpet lately? Angelina Jolie kicked the whole fad off with her supposedly impromptu pose for multiple pictures at the Oscars, exposing her pale right leg through a hip-high slit in her black velvet gown. Ever since that fateful February night, starlets have been imitating the move.

Most recently, supermodel Anja Rubik, 28, took it to the next level with a slinky white satin dress slit all the way up and over her extremely bony hip, all of which was exposed on Monday night at the MET Costume Institute Gala in NYC.

Since the Polish model upped and ante, the comparisons between her and Jolie are flying. I’m all for a fad running its course (I proudly wore overalls with only one strap done in the early ’90s, and I looked cool doing it.), but I am not a supporter of fads that will encourage young women to be unhealthy.

Both Jolie, 36, and Rubik look extremely emaciated in their infamous leg-jutting photos. Rubik, especially, is being given the attention due to the exposure of her entire hip, which instead of being a beautiful womanly curve, is a narrow and sharp structure (because it’s a bone) sticking out of the middle of her body, where a curvy hip (or at least some muscle) would be expected. I am not okay with gossip sites calling her super=tiny leg “toned” or simply “thin.” It is bony and kind of scary looking. What is “toned” about that?

After the initial excitement over Jolie’s pose at the Oscars came a good deal of criticism over just how slight her now-famous right leg – as well as the rest of her – actually looked. FOX News personality Bill O’Reilly even went so far as say she appeared “emaciated.”

"Is it just me or is she looking mighty slim these days? Emaciated even? I was kind of taken aback. Look at the arms on her!" O’Reilly said.

Dr. Drew Pinsky also weighed in (no pun intended) on Jolie’s appearance, calling her “malnourished” while being interviewed on The View as well as on his own show. He really wanted to hammer home the message that, “We should not look at that as an ideal of beauty, even though she might be a beautiful woman.”

I am of the belief that the first woman to actually rock the hip-high slit was Jessica Rabbit, the redheaded siren from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. But Jessica did it right. Her slit was just high enough to pique interest from onlookers, but not so high you knew she wasn’t even wearing underwear. She also still had hips. With meat on them.

Sure, Jessica also has unrealistic chest-weight-hip ratios, but people also realize she is a cartoon. Why are real life women trying to meet these impossible standards? Why do they not realize young (and many middle-aged, if we’re being honest) women all over the world look up to them and will emulate them?

What is your opinion of the hip slit fad and the super skinny celebrities keeping it going?


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