Some of the Craziest Holidays in May

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May is a month that's right on the cusp of summer. It's a time for graduation, generally a time for school letting out, and for people to break out the fishing poles and swimsuits. However, there are also loads of other things going on in May, and I'll bet you didn’t know about most of them. Some of May's holidays are downright bizarre – here are some of my favorites!


·         Robert's Rules of Order Day, May 2

As a parliamentarian, this is my favorite May holiday. Robert's Rules of Order is a big book -- I think it has something like two thousand pages -- on the rules of parliamentary law. While this holiday is already past, it was a quirky day, and my fellow parliamentarians celebrated it by holding parliamentary procedure team practice!

·         Star Wars Day, May 4

This is also another holiday you'll have to wait another year for, but Star Wars Day was really popular this time around. I recently lost a close friend in a car accident, and he was a huge Star Wars fan, so my friends and I all found ways to celebrate this holiday. Some people posted on Facebook, others dressed up; it was an overall fun day.

·         Totally Chipotle Day, May 5

 I'm not sure exactly how you'd celebrate Totally Chipotle Day - perhaps with some hot chili? Or a burrito? Whatever you choose, it'll probably have to do with food. I think this holiday would be fun for foodies and lovers of crazy holidays alike.

·         Hurray for Buttons Day!, May 9

Hurray for Buttons Day! seems a bit self-explanatory. We're celebrating buttons! So do a DIY button craft, or just wear a shirt with lots of buttons on it. You could also sew new buttons on a shirt that has really plain buttons. I like doing that with cardigans; I'll just remove one button and sew on a vintage-looking one. It adds a little bit of quirky flair to whatever piece you're wearing at the time.

·         National Dance Like a Chicken Day, May 14

I have a feeling Chick-fil-A would appreciate someone celebrating this holiday in-store. Seriously! They're always doing fun stuff. Just think of this day as an excuse to do the chicken dance, which is always a good time.

·         Frog Jump Day - May 19

I can't think of a way to celebrate Frog Jump Day without leapfrog, but people can get injured that way. This holiday reminds me of frog races; maybe you should hold a froggie Kentucky Derby! I'm only halfway joking. You could also devote this day to watching videos of Kermit.

·         Hug Your Cat Day - May 19

I personally can't wait for this one. I love my cats! They're a bit reclusive, I'll admit, but I love them all the same. If you don't have a cat, dress your dog or your best friend up like a cat and hug them. I bet they'd love it. Again, I’m only halfway joking.

·         My Bucket's Got a Hole in it Day - May 30

You should just get a bucket with a hole in it, pour water in it, and let it leak out in important public places like the bank, or the hallways at school. I bet the custodial staff would just love having you and your leaky bucket around. But hey, it's all in good fun, right?

There are a few other crazy holidays, and while these suggestions on how to celebrate them were more than a little sarcastic in places, I do encourage you to choose one to celebrate. It's a lot of fun to pick a random, insane holiday and go all out with it. Host a party, cook some food, and invite friends over. There's never a better excuse to get together than Hooray for Buttons Day, right? See if you can find other wacky holidays, or pick one from the list above. And most of all, have fun celebrating! 


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